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Misty Phillip “Expand Your Reach with Radio and Podcast Collaborations”

Radio and podcasting have been intertwined for many years, but nowadays, the two are beginning to become even more interconnected. Whether it’s a hit radio show going online as a podcast or an independent podcast playing on a terrestrial radio slot – there can be no doubt that the lines between traditional broadcasting and audio streaming are starting to blur. 


Radio and podcasting have been around for many years and continue to be popular mediums for entertainment, education, and information. With the rise of streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, radio, and podcasting have become even more accessible. 


In this article, we will discuss the role of radio and podcasting in the modern media landscape. We will explore how radio stations adapt to new technology while providing quality content to their listeners. We will also look at how podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment thanks to their convenience and accessibility. Finally, we’ll examine how radio and podcasts can be used together to create an even more powerful content experience.


Adapting to Changes in Technolgy

Don’t fall in love with your widget. In the early days of Netflix, they pitched their business to blockbusters, who laughed them out of the building. Blockbuster was in love with their widget. They wanted to deliver content in brick-and-mortar stores and laughed at Netflix’s idea to provide DVDs through the mail. But look who is laughing now! Blockbuster’s inability to adapt made Netflix an entertainment behemoth. The same holds true for audio; we can’t be in love with our widget. If our goal is to provide encouraging content to our listeners, we must be open to industry disruptions and technological changes. 

Radio stations are beginning to adapt to new technology by adding audio and content on demand, streams, and apps. For example, Spark Media has partnered with KHCB radio to provide podcast content for its listeners. KHCB radio uses the Glorystone app to deliver on-demand podcasts and ministry programs that drive traffic to their website for a minimal investment. KHCB also provides uplifting audio and written content on-demand through their newly launched app. By utilizing these advances in technology, KHCB has been able to serve multiple audience demographics. At the same time, they are continuing to provide quality content to listeners on the air. 


Podcasts Popularity

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience and portability. Listeners can pick a host they like or a topic they are interested in and listen in anytime, anywhere, like exercising, doing household chores, or sitting at their desks. The number of women listening to podcasts continues to rise each year. According to data from Edison Research’s 2022 Infinite Dial report, more than one in three women (35%) aged 18 and older say they have listened to a podcast in the past month. That is an increase of 67% during the past five years, and the monthly female audience for podcasts now totals an estimated 47 million.


Growth and Discoverability

Combining your radio station and podcast means you can grow exponentially online, multiplying reach and discoverability. With more content comes better SEO – the key to standing out in search engine results. In addition, anchoring both on one centralized website will increase ranking even further!


Video Podcasts

Podcasts are just for iTunes anymore, either. Video podcasting is becoming increasingly popular. There is a growing trend among millennials and Gen Z to watch and listen to podcasts on YouTube. As well as radio stations are turning to podcasts as an avenue to reach a larger audience and engage their current listeners with new content. 


A Match Made in Audio Heaven

But what if you could combine the two to create an even more powerful content experience? That’s precisely what radio and podcasting can do when used together. Combining the two can create a unique content experience that engages listeners on multiple levels. 

Radio stations can use podcasts to create unique content that can be monetized, such as sponsored shows or special episodes. You can also use radio and podcasts to target specific audiences and reach a wider audience than ever. With this combination, you’ll be able to create entertaining and informative content while still being accessible to everyone. 



Radio can be used to promote podcasts and vice versa. When radio and podcasts are used together, like in the KHCB example, creators can reach a wider audience and build a more substantial brand presence. With the right technology and strategy in place, radio broadcasters can use podcasting to gain more listeners and increase their revenue streams.


2023 Spark Media Conference

If you like to learn more about creating a digital strategy between radio and podcasting, join us at the 2023 Spark Media Ignite Conference on September 28-30, 2023, in Houston, Texas, where we will celebrate excellence in Christian podcasting. This year’s event promises a star-studded lineup of industry experts, exclusive networking opportunities, and hands-on workshops to elevate your podcast. We’ve also added an award category for the best radio show podcast. Learn more about the 2023 Spark Media Ignite conference and awards gala on our conference page. https://www.sparkmedia.ventures/spark-ignite


Misty Phillip is the Founder and CEO of Spark Media. Misty empowers faith-based podcasters to launch, grow, and monetize their shows through community, events, the Spark Media magazine and podcast network, and a radio initiative. She is the host of By His Grace, and the co-host of Spark Influence. Misty is the author of award-winning Bible study entitled The Struggle is Real: But so is God, and the Spark Podcast Planner. Contact Misty at misty@sparkmedia.ventures

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