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Missions Today Launches This Weekend on140 Stations

New Global Missions-Focused Radio Program Launches This Weekend on More Than 140 Stations Nationwide

Missions Today will profile today’s changemakers and explore the question: How is God calling us to reimagine global missions? 

Resource Global (RG) announces the July 31 launch of the new radio program and podcast Missions Today, developed with host, producer and radio veteran Collin Lambert.

Missions Today is a 26-minute weekly program that brings to life the stories and trends of today’s cutting-edge global missions work, including: 

  • Profiles of leaders on the frontlines of missions work, from pastors and non-profits to marketplace leaders;
  • Examples of successful “missional entrepreneurship” from individuals who are utilizing business and for-profit entities to advance missional outreach;
  • Biblical teaching from a wide variety of global voices that is motivating current missions and ministry work;
  • Practical ways all of us can engage the global church and missions work to reach  a lost world for Christ.

The program will debut on more than 140 stations. Beginning July 31, listeners can find the program on the Moody Radio Network nationally and Kinship Radio in Minnesota/Iowa Saturdays at 2 pm CT, and on Way Radio in Florida (Jacksonville/St. Augustine) Saturdays at 8 am ET. Additionally, listen to it on The Bridge in Austin, TX, beginning Sunday August 1 at 1pm CT; or on Life Changing Radio in the New England area (RI, MA, NH and CT) beginning Sunday August 8.

If you can’t find a station near you, look for the Missions Today podcast on your favorite podcast platform beginning this Saturday. More information can be found at www.missionstoday.com.

Opening guests include:

  • July 31/Aug 1 – Dr. Paul Borthwick: The world is rapidly changing and so is the impact and epicenter of the church. What is the role of the Western church in missions today? What is OUR role in missions? Do we have to travel across the globe to have an impact?  In today’s inaugural broadcast, Dr. Paul Borthwick takes us all the way back to the Garden of Eden to examine the passion that God has for people. It’s a passion that seeks people, loves people and points them towards Christ. Learn more about the true heart of missions – it begins with great compassion and ends with the Great Commission.
  • August 7/8 – Sharon Hoover: How can your church choose the best ministries to partner with in mission work? How many ministries should your church missions team take on as partners? How do you drop a ministry that is no longer a fit? Should we look at missions as simply local or global? These are just some of the questions that our guest Sharon Hoover will tackle. If you love missions or mission work or participate in missions at your church, this will be a valuable conversation to tap into!

“Through our work, we have come to understand that the approaches of today’s missionaries look different than what has been done in the past,” said Resource Global President Tommy Lee. “Resource Global is in a unique front row seat today to lead the discussion on what the global church and marketplace missions look like in major global cities – particularly among young marketplace leaders. We are thrilled to have someone like Collin to explore these themes and share the voices of leaders who are in the forefront of mission work today.”

Missions Today will be hosted by Christian radio veteran Collin Lambert, whose career has spanned four decades, multiple platforms, for-profit and not-for-profit radio and international mission work. Collin served as Vice President of Moody Radio and was with the Christian broadcast outlet for more than 15 years. He also worked in many areas of management, hosted various programs at country, talk, Christian and jazz stations, has directed television broadcasts, worked in the local church, planned major events and hosted hundreds of hours of on-air fundraising. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Religious Broadcasters and as the Director of Radio Products for Resource Global.  Collin and his wife, Patti, have three grown children, and live in their hometown of Austin, TX. To get in touch with Collin, email clambert@missionstoday.com 

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