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Meet WDJC’s New Program Director

WDJC/Birmingham welcomes new Program Director Justin Flores. 20 year station veteran Justin Brown remains with WDJC serving as Music Director and midday host. Flores joined on July 10th. 

For the last 10.5 years he has served as pastor of a church. From 2013-2020 as the Youth / Administrative / Assisting pastor of Calvary Chapel Sonora California. From 2020-to June 2023 he was senior pastor of a church plant and also Heritage Christian Church of Sonora (a small non-denom church of elderly people).

From 1997-2012 Flores worked at Clarke Broadcasting’s 3 station cluster (A/C, Country, and AM News/Talk) in Sonora California. from 2000 until his departure, he was the OM PD AM morning host.

Flores tells HisAir, “My dream of being on the air came when my wife wrote a dream job letter for my birthday, and it parlayed from a tour of the station to a job overnight. Legendary radio programmer Terrell Metheny was the GM at the time and just took a shot on a kid who had a desire. Apparently, I did well.”

Flores adds, “Recently the church was unable to provide a living wage, so I put some feelers out there after the bride and I became empty nesters. Radio never left me and I have had dreams of getting back in. My son works for Crawford in California, and they treat him so well. Frank Franciosi met me online and asked me about Birmingham. I never thought I would have to move, I thought I’d get a “remote” gig, but my wife and I are excited about this new season and just getting out of California to see the country. I’ve never been east of Nevada until now. It is my hope that I can continue to bring glory to my Lord and do it through the amazing platform of radio. The best of both of my worlds have now kissed and I can’t believe that I am here.”

“We have truly found a ‘sweet home’ in Alabama, thanks to the welcoming arms of the people of Crawford and the community at large”

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