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Lyn Smith “Year End Encouragement”

How was 2023? 

Did everything you planned turn out perfectly? 

Was every new hire a perfect fit? 

Did every fundraiser exceed your goal? 

Sometimes life falls short of our expectations or people fail us no matter how hard we’ve tried. 

I wonder if Joseph felt that way on the first Christmas night. 

God had given him charge of His SON – Jesus. And Jesus’ mother, Mary. 

It was Joseph’s responsibility to get a very pregnant Mary safely to Bethlehem and find a place for them to stay where she would likely give birth to this special baby – the Son of God! 

Imagine his frustration and growing desperation when every place he tried was full. 

Finally, they ended up in a place where animals were kept. At least it was a shelter, and they had privacy. But really? Was that where his pregnant wife had to sleep and where God’s Son would be born? On the floor of a stable?

Was he disappointed that that was the best he could do for the Lord? 

Here’s the amazing news – God knew ahead of time exactly how this would go and where His Son would be born. 

God wasn’t disappointed at all! 

He wasn’t unhappy with Joseph. Joseph hadn’t failed.  

He and his family were exactly where they were supposed to be … in God’s loving hands, with Him providing everything they needed. 

When things don’t go the way you want them to, if your organization had a hard year, if there were big disappointments, stop and remember – God knew it all ahead of time, He wasn’t surprised or disappointed, and He is working His perfect plan. 

As we embrace the imperfections of life, we begin to see that’s where God’s perfection shows up. 

Tie a Christmas bow around 2023, thank God for it, and give it back to Him. He will redeem every single moment of it. You can walk confidently into 2024, knowing He’ll do the same. 

Joy-full Christmas to you, friends!

Lyn Smith is a professional galvanizer and engager. She loves to invest in people and organizations to help them grow. She has spent most of her adult life in ministry and non-profit work. Before joining the radio world as the Director of Engagement for The House FM and then serving clients across the country as the Project Manager for Vidare Creative, Lyn was hired by Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children to open and grow a new pregnancy center. Hiring and training staff, working with doctors and nurses, engaging with community partners, growing church financial support, and building a solid client base led to a thriving center where moms and dads could get the help they needed.  Also a licensed minister and seasoned communicator, Lyn speaks, teaches, writes, hosts events, and generates momentum wherever the Lord takes her.

Reach Lyn at lyn@vidarecreative.com

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