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Lee Geysbeek Has Passed

Last night, we lost one of our own.  Compassion International’s Lee Geysbeek passed away at his home in Grand Rapids. Lee had just returned Friday night from a November project in Africa with a small team. 

Lee was a great friend to many in the Christian Radio industry.  He was part of WCSG/Grand Rapids for decades and for the last decade he worked in the radio department at Compassion International. 

Lee was a husband, father of four, grandfather, friend and a hero to children living in poverty. 

ShareMedia Services Bill Scott (a longtime friend of Lee’s) told HisAir.Net, “Like many, I had the chance to travel the world with Lee.  His favorite phrase was, “Hurry up children are dying.”  His heart was to release kids from poverty in Jesus name.  This was more than a job for Lee, it was a mission.  I cannot tell you how many trips we were on and Lee would tear up after visiting children living in poverty.  Lee would hug the kids, play with the children and would do anything possible to find them a sponsor. I’m blessed to have had Lee as a close friend for the past couple of decades, many of you more than that. If I could say one last thing to Lee it would be this, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.”

(Pictured at left) Lee with children at a Compassion project. 

From Christian FM / SiriusXM personality Doug Hannah…  “Lee offered genuine encouragement to me when I was a student in 1985. He worked for a college in Grand Rapids now known as Cornerstone. His encouragement, coaching, and belief started me on this journey. I never forgot. Christian radio was so blessed to have him, and will miss his contribution for a long time. I’m praying for his family.” 

From ShareMedia’s Jeremiah Beck… “Lee was my friend. He could both make you laugh and make you think within moments of each other. He would pick on me and pray with me. He challenged me to be more innovative for Compassion, and his radio experience was invaluable. He always wanted the focus to be on getting “His kids” the help they needed. I saw The Least of These in Honduras and Colombia with new eyes because of him, as he encouraged me to “soak it in, feel it, and take it home.” Dutch jokes, crazy stories, somehow only traveling with two sets of clothes for a week in the developing world, bow-legged, terrible driver Lee lead with his heart, left a hole that can’t be filled, and loved Jesus and his family. I will miss him terribly.”

From KSBJ/Houston afternoon host Carlos Aguiar… “Many of us try to see people through the eyes of Jesus, Lee actually did it. The evidence of this isn’t just in the lives of children you helped all around the world, but also in those of us who worked with Lee over the years. He loved us all well asking for nothing in return.”

From Family Life Radio personality Peter Brooks… “Lee was my friend and colleague for nearly 40 years. Years ago when we were both managing Christian radio stations, we would often call each other to share ideas, problems or just talk. Lee was perhaps the kindest, wisest and most humble man I have ever been blessed to know.”

From ShareMedia’s  Todd Chatman… “I was privileged to call Lee a friend for nearly 20 years. His infectious laughter, generous spirit, and compassion for people endeared him to everyone who met him. It was my great privilege to serve alongside him and the Compassion International Radio team in their trans formative work. I can’t help but think it’s fitting that Lee spent most of his last week on earth visiting Compassion kids in Africa. He made it a point to meet everyone in the local Compassion office and thank them personally for their efforts. Lee sowed love wherever he went. The world is a better place thanks to my brother and I will miss him very much.”

Please keep Lee’s family in your prayers as this is going to be a challenging time for them.