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Leadership Encouragement “Have Some Fun”

Have Some Fun


He was naked.


The President of the United States was naked…and going swimming in the Potomac River just down from the White House.


Also naked and jumping in the Potomac was French ambassador Jean-Jules Jusserand.


President Teddy Roosevelt noticed something odd…odder than not having a stitch of clothing on, while out in public. The French ambassador wasn’t completely naked. Rather, he was wearing gloves…white gloves no less.


Roosevelt bellowed, “Mr. Ambassador, you haven’t taken off your gloves!”


Jusserand responded, “I think I’ll leave them on – we might meet ladies!”


The same French ambassador got caught up in a workout routine with Roosevelt. They did two sets of tennis and then went for a jog. The jog was followed by a workout with a large medicine ball.


After all that, Roosevelt looked at the ambassador and asked, “What shall we do now?”


Exhausted and out of breath, Jusserand famously responded, “If it’s just the same with you, Mr. President, I’d like to lie down and die.”


Here’s your thought for the day: have some fun.  


Laugh, crack a joke with a friend, etc. 


Jusserand made Roosevelt laugh. That’s important. You can’t be serious and focused all the time. Lighten up and be human.


Do something other than work. Read a book. Go for a walk. Take a cooking class or visit a friend. You may even want to consider jumping in a pool for a swim…but wear some clothes, please.


Did I mention to read a book? It’s a great way to get your brain to take a break from all the stress of life. Reading forces you to think about other things…at least that’s what it does for me.


Be like Teddy Roosevelt–have some fun and share some laughs. You’ll be happier and healthier because of it.


Source: Accidental Presidents – Jared Cohen

Brian Sanders serves as Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio. He regularly writes and speaks on leadership topics. His new book, “Leadership Endurance,” can be purchased HERE.

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