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Laci Caviness Interview

Laci Caviness
On-Air Host
Tyler, TX


Career Capsule: Leading worship has always been the thing that brings me so much joy. I’ve led with my band for youth conferences, church revivals, and wherever the door opened for about ten years. I graduated with a degree in Health Science from the University of Texas at Tyler and have worked in various different roles such as; Conservatorship Specialist for Child Protective Services, Youth Director for Amazing Grace Fellowship Church, as well as Retail Assistant for Pine Cove camps. When my twin girls were born, my desire was to stay home with them for their first year of their life. Not long after they turned one, I began praying over where God would have me. I came across the job posting for KVNE and applied. I am now the afternoon Host for 89.5 KVNE, Midday Host for 91.3 Lift Worship and Morning Host for 94.3, 95.3 The Well- The Voice of Life. I never thought it would be possible to host for Christian radio, but I am so grateful. I love this ministry, I love the people, and I love talking about Jesus all day long.


Laci, tell us what’s new at Encouragement Media Group… any news, changes etc… and what’s new with YOU?

There has been so much growth at Encouragement Media Group! We are currently under construction because of a need for space as our radio ministry teams continue to grow. We had one new hire after I came on nearly two years ago. The team feels like family! I continue to learn from an incredible, Jesus loving staff. It has been a blast!


How do you balance work & family, how important is it for someone in Christian Radio to ‘have a life”?

I have three precious daughters at home who are in different stages of life. One begins middle school in August, the other two are turning 3 this year! My husband and I stay busy, but we make sure that our “busy” involves making memories and loving on our family. We focus on being present when we are home and enjoying the time we have. I’ve heard many people say that our best show prep is born from our experiences. I love to share about my girls and our homestead on the air!


What is the one accomplishment you’re most satisfied with in your career?

To be honest, I never dreamed I would be a radio host. It wasn’t something I considered until I saw the job posting. Even then, I doubted that I would be able to make the cut. I surrendered to the Lord and asked Him to close the door if He had another plan for my life. He left it wide open and He has given me what I need for each day. That to me is the greatest accomplishment.


What’s something you’ve learned about Christian Radio due to the pandemic, that you didn’t know before?

I began my radio career when the pandemic had just begun. What I’ve come to learn is that so many listening are searching for peace and answers. There are callers who tell us about their depression, anxiety, and loneliness. There are those who are grieving and want to be reminded of our great hope. There are those who don’t know much about God, but they are searching. I have learned that we have a great opportunity to be the calm voice that points them to Jesus. Christian radio is a massive tool for the kingdom and I’m thankful to be a small part of what God is doing through it.


Reflecting on changes in the industry over the years what is one that you feel had the most impact on Christian Radio? 

I am still a “rookie” when it comes to radio, so I don’t feel that I can answer this well. I can say, going from a listener to a radio host during the pandemic allowed me to see a shift in how we approach the listeners. As the world changed, our focus was the same but we wanted to be more intentional with the listener and reminding them of our faithful God.


On air talent has always been at the heart of Christian Radio, where do you think the future personalities will be found?

There seems to be a shift in the hiring process and that is why I am here. Encouragement Media Group took a risk on a local girl right here in East Texas. As I learn about other stations, it seems many are moving in that direction.


Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio?

If you had asked me this before the pandemic, I would have said platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and podcasts options. As life shifted for the world, I found myself wanting to hear from the local Dj’s in my community. That friendly voice that could bring encouragement in dark times became so important. I kept my car with radio (KVNE), rather than connecting my phone. That seems to be case with many others. You can’t get that with a streaming platform. Our station brings a sense of family and community.


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

Growing up, my parents listened to old country. I wasn’t exposed to a lot of radio. We also had all the “oldies” on tape and then CD when that era came. I didn’t even know Christian Radio existed until I accidentally landed on 89.5 one day in high-school. So, it might sound cheesy, but I listened to Mike & Carrie often. They make you laugh, cry, and think deeply. They would be my radio heroes.

7 thoughts on “Laci Caviness Interview

  • This is my daughter. I am very proud of her. She has always loved Jesus. She tells me often, Mother my job is my favorite gig. Something I’ve always loved doing, telling people about Jesus. I love you Laci❤️

  • So happy for you Laci. We miss you so much at AGFC but stay connected with you through the radio.

  • Watching you grow in the Lord over the years is an inspiration to many. So glad that there were so many people who invested their time and talents in your walk, and now you are paying it back, ten fold.
    We are so proud of what the Lord has done with your life, and He’s not finished ❤️

  • Laci is the real deal! She is and always has been a blessing to so many people. I am honored to call her “friend”. ❤️

  • laci you are an inspiration. Gods glory shines in you affecting everyone you come in contact with. you are well loved. ❤️

  • Laci, Ditto what Mary said. You inspire all of us young and old. It’s so much fun watching you grow up in life and in the Lord. I’ll never forget Church Visitation on a rainy day that didn’t stop you and Curtis from witnessing for Jesus. Precious Memories of a young Laci. I love you

  • Whether you see Laci in person or hear her voice on the radio, her heart full of common sense ministry reaches out and says “Come, sit, listen… we can talk.”
    And THAT’S by God opening doors to her faithful commitment. Young, old, her voice is a beacon to all of us. Love that girl.


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