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KTSY Remodels Two Homes for Christmas

Every year KTSY/Boise teams up with its partners to make a difference for a local family at Christmas. This year that effort doubled. KTSY asked listeners in the Boise area to nominate a family that needed their home totally remodeled.

The station teamed up with many local contractors including Diamond Heating and Cooling, Dillabaugh’s Flooring America, Treasure Valley Remodel, and Signature Roofing to pick a deserving family. The contractors looked at several prospective homes to find a family that needed a new furnace, new roof, and new floors as well as an entire remodel, but that’s where the Christmas magic happened. Instead of picking just one family, these generous companies chose two.

Friday, December 20, KTSY brought the families back into their homes and surprised them with much more than a remodel.

Robin Jones is deaf and for years never thought he would find love. When he married Jolene, he instantly became the dad of two teen girls. Their house got some much needed love: a moldfilled window was replaced; a room was remodeled; the house was repainted inside and out and is now heated with a brand new furnace. At the revealing, the KTSY family gave the Joneses groceries and some cash for Christmas gifts.

Pansie Brown is a 70-year-old grandmother whose husband passed years ago. With him gone, the house has fallen into disrepair. She had to quit her job due to medical issues. Her son and his children moved in with her and she helps with the kids. Her old farmhouse had been patched with tissue paper and duct tape to keep out the draft around the doors. It needed new flooring, and hadn’t had a working furnace for 12 years. KTSY and their partner contractors took care of all of that and Pansie came home after a week to walk on new floors, to feel the heat of a new furnace, knowing the heat would stay in the house rather than leak out.

Then, Idaho Mattress, Walmart, Peterson Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, got involved and Pansie’s home was decorated with a new Christmas tree. Her grandsons now have bunk beds instead of a bed to share. Her 2-year-oldd granddaughter got a new toddler bed. There were new
couches, a new queen bed for Pansie, and more. And, the biggest extra gift of all: a new-to-her Grand Caravan minivan, perfect for taking the kids around.

Pansie’s daughter, Erin said, “What an incredible day. Pansie feels special and loved. Her mother was kind of tough when Pansie was little. She told Pansie that there was nothing special about her; that she was just ordinary. I think we proved to her today that she is beyond special and so loved. I cannot thank you all enough.”

Brian Yeager, KTSY’s General Manager commented, “This is just one glimpse into why KTSY exists. Our passion is to connect people to Jesus and then lead them to make a difference in someone else’s life. We really see that playing out as God has moved on these contractors, companies, and listeners to give these two families an amazing Christmas.”

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