KTSY Home Improvement Project

KTSY/Boise has done a home improvement project at Christmas since the Christmas of 2013. Listeners nominate families who could use the help, and a family is chosen to receive it.

The promotion has grown a little bit each year and now includes: HVAC, flooring, roofing, remodeling, plumbing, wiring, painting, and landscaping. Each year the contractor team goes through the nominations and chooses one or more deserving recipients.

This year, the Macias family was chosen and surprised, LIVE on the air.

The home improvement project to bring a little more space for 8-year-old Shila to move through her home in a wheelchair following her upcoming operation would be completed in ONE WEEK!

It all went LIVE once again, a week later, as all the improvements were revealed and the family was welcomed back into their home, overwhelmed with the realization that they are surrounded by a community that comes together to provide a tangible example of hope for Christmas.

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