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KTIS Reaching More People Than Ever!

KTIS/Minneapolis is a heritage CCM station owned by Northwestern Media sharing God’s message in the Twin Cities since 1949.

This year the station registered its first ever #1 overall ranking in the May 2023 Nielsen PPM. In this month’s (July) PPM KTIS reached it’s highest ever AQH at 11.6 Nielsen Audio PPM AQH P 6+. Quite a feat in the highly competitive 15th largest market in the U.S. The KTIS AQH trend over the last 6 months is 6.1-6.2-8.5-9.5-10.3-11.6. 

HisAir talked with KTIS Station Manager Dave St John for his take on the recent success KTIS is achieving. 

HisAir: Beyond the spiritual side, what do you attribute this ratings surge to?

Dave: I appreciate you acknowledging the spiritual aspect- God gets the credit as He gives us grace…..as you already know!

We discussed the audacious goal of #1 at 98.5 KTIS a few years ago. It felt a little like going to the moon. That began a journey of identifying and eliminating ‘unforced errors,’ things getting in the way of more people connecting at 98.5 KTIS. While eliminating unforced errors wasn’t what got us here, #1 was unlikely without that journey.


HisAir: What changes or modifications have been made in the recent past that you can point to for making a positive impact?

Dave: Kudos to KTIS listeners who care enough to share honest feedback. Kudos to the KTIS team who evaluate and implement simple changes based on the information!

Consistently playing the ‘right songs’ is foundational. Beyond that, the team works hard to consistently capture and tell heart connective stories (regardless of origin) while maintaining a station essence that is uniquely Twin Cities. Critical to it all is leadership: Northwestern Media’s President, Dr. Corbin Hoornbeek, and Senior Vice President, Jason Sharp. They provide tremendous vision, support, and culture.


HisAir: What do high ratings mean to the station, as a non comm?

Dave: High ratings at 98.5 KTIS created the opportunity to tell a remarkable story that God gets the credit. As the 98.5 KTIS team, it’s very encouraging because of the hard work and high level effort to adapt to listener needs. As a side note, 98.5 KTIS’ team started to go next level with evangelism in 2022… humbly, creatively, clearly sharing the Gospel through a partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. The last four months that 98.5 KTIS was rated #1 coincided with a significant increase in the number of people wanting to know more about Jesus. That’s our why- it’s what motivates all of us to do broadcast ministry.


HisAir: Anything else you’d like to add?

Dave: Yes, Matt Deane. I’m proud he is 98.5 KTIS’ Program Director- at #1 or #8. The man is a leader. Each member of 98.5 KTIS’ talented staff all the way around!  Grateful they share their talents with the Twin Cities through the ministry of 98.5 KTIS.

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