KTIS Delivers Hope To Seniors

3,000 Seniors in the Twin Cities Receiving Hope From KTIS/Minneapolis Listeners.

They are our most vulnerable and lonely. They are neighbors, friends, and family.

As the holidays draw near and the coronavirus pandemic restrictions tighten, seniors living in assisted care facilities are facing more isolation and depression.  In the weeks to come, thanks to hundreds of kind and compassionate 98.5 KTIS listeners, 3,000 elderly in the Twin Cities will be receiving personalized notes of hope & love.

Listeners receive KTIS Packages of Hope with personalized notecards and pre-addressed, stamped envelopes. All they need to do is simply share their love!

Tracy is eager to share hope this holiday: “What a simple way to give back to help make someone else feel special and bring a little joy or a smile to a stranger’s day. Our world is desperately in need of people caring about each other. I spent 10 years volunteering at a health care facility and have witnessed the joy when an unexpected act of kindness is delivered. I would love to help! “ 

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