KSOS Christmas Party

KSOS/Las Vegas (SOS Radio) threw a HUGE Christmas party for children in the Las Vegas community who have parents who are incarcerated. This was a partnership between Hope for Prisoners & SOS Radio 90.5. 17 personal living room areas were created for 17 families to eat and open gifts from mom or dad who are incarcerated. 12 of these 17 families were surprised by mom or dad personally showing up to greet the children with gifts! This event took place inside a Nevada Department of Corrections transitional facility called Casa Grande.

Imagine couches, a coffee table with treats, a decorated Christmas tree, catered dinner with all the fixins, stockings, bikes & personal gifts from mom & dad! That’s the experience that was given to 17 different Nevada families last night 12/20. Here’s a story from the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, here.

Pictured SOS Radio afternoon personality Dan Young and other participants…

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