KNWC Call to Freedom

KNWC/Sioux Falls (Life 96.5) recently partnered with the ministry “Call to Freedom” giving listeners an opportunity to learn more about the difficult problem of modern-day slavery, which is known as human trafficking. The task of reaching out to victims of the world’s fastest growing criminal industry is daunting, yet it is something that many compassionate Life 96.5 listeners want to do. But how to help? Based on the need for some basic essentials for women who come to Call to Freedom with nothing at all, the idea of Freedom Bags was born. Listeners were invited to start with a small tote bag and fill it with instantly helpful items like a change of clothes and under things, toiletries for the shower, and accessories like a comb, brush, and hair bands. Even gift cards to purchase other needs were given, and some included a handwritten note of encouragement. Nearly 120 Freedom Bags were dropped off at the Life 96.5 studios and Summer Sticker Stops, including an event at Austad’s Golf, which was the underwriting partner for the promotion.

Pictured:  Life 96.5 midday host Luanne Christensen (left) with listener donating Freedom Bags

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