KMOC ‘Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred’

Every year a group of cyclists from KMOC/Wichita Falls, TX – Team KMOC rides in the ‘Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred’ as a fundraiser for the station. The Triple H (as it’s called) is the largest single day century endurance ride in the country. Anywhere from 12 to 15,000 people show up to ride.

Each team member raises funds individually, and KMOC promotes it on the air as the ‘Team KMOC Challenge’ and encourages people to make a penny a mile pledge. KMOC has done this since 2010, and each year has been more successful than the year before.  This year Covid19 put a wrinkle in things when the Triple H was moved to “virtual” due to the virus. But KMOC GM Keith Sanderson says, “We still had a wonderful year, and even put together our own 64 mile route that a group of us rode. Every team member was able to ride their own ride on their own day this year and it worked out well for all involved. Starting in June we have group ride every Saturday for all the Team members who can join in, and we invite others to join us as well.”

This year the 34 member team rode a combined 1611.81 miles…..raising $26,799.45 so far.  typically donations and pledges will trickle in for another couple of weeks. That puts the per-mile pledge at $16.62 per mile….the highest per mile pledge to date.

Pictured below top is Team KMOC from 2018. Keith says they didn’t want to get everyone together back in May for the promotional photos, so they don’t have a complete team photo for this year.

Pictured below is Keith and his wife Liz. Keith was diagnosed with MS in 1999 and I has gone from being bedridden 20 years ago to riding 150 miles in two days in Bike MS events. Keith has ridden in every HHH since 2010….100 miles 7 of those times.  He says, “I never rode a bicycle, other than my old banana seat when I was a kid, until I was 50 years old. My wife Liz started riding a few months before I did. Liz is the office manager here at KMOC, as well as taking care of the promotions and being a part of the AM drive most weekdays.”






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