KKJM “Hugs & Hope”

During the recent KKJM/St. Cloud (Spirit 92.9) “Hugs & Hope” fundraiser listeners and sponsors helped provide 1,127 pairs of new pajamas and a stuffed animal for children entering the foster care system in Central Minnesota. The items will be distributed through Pockets of Hope, an organization that provides backpacks filled with items to each child.

KKJM PD Jess Hart says, “In most cases, these kids are removed from dangerous or unhealthy situations in their homes and have nothing but the clothes on their back as they are placed in foster homes. The pandemic and the stresses it has put on families financially, as well as the increase in abuse, prompted us to do something to give these children a reminder that someone cares. A cozy new pair of pajamas and a stuffed animal to hold and hug can mean so much to a child who feels alone and afraid.”

Pictured a check for $16,910 was presented to Pockets of Hope representatives last week by station staff.

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