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KJIC Founder GM Bob Vaughn Retires

KJIC/Houston founder and general manager Bob Vaughn is retiring. After 46 years of service, Bob, now 81 years old, made the decision to retire, leaving behind a lasting legacy that continues to resonate through the airwaves. Bob Vaughn’s leadership was marked by a deep commitment to the community and a dedication to serving the Lord through the airwaves.

Bob established Community Radio Inc. in 1978 and shortly thereafter, its flagship station, KJIC (Christian Country), went on the air in 1981. 

His retirement signifies not an end but a transition, as Community Radio Inc. and KJIC remain steadfast in their commitment to the mission that Bob initiated.

Continuing the ministry of Community Radio, Inc. will be Bob’s son Justin Vaughn. Justin’s radio career began in 2003, where he pursued a broadcasting degree and held various roles at KJIC, including Program Director and Engineer. In that time, the station witnessed substantial growth.

In 2009, Justin ventured into a different calling, founding a company to assist families in rebuilding their homes after natural disasters. In January 2020, In December 2020, he left his career in the automotive industry, dedicating himself to following God’s will. Through consistent prayer and seeking His guidance, the Lord directed him back to Community Radio, Inc. in June 2021.

Justin reflects, “The journey has been one of immense faith, and I can confidently affirm that God is good! Throughout this period, I found strength in the scripture, ‘Trusting in the Lord with all my heart, not leaning on my own understanding. Acknowledging Him as He directs my path’ (Proverbs 3:5-6). I sincerely believe that God has a unique path for everyone, and as we tune our ears and hearts to Him, He will work through each one of us. As the new President and General Manager, I am truly excited to see God’s plan unfold in this ministry.”

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