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KGNZ “At Night” Airs Farewell Show

Christian Hard Rock show KGNZ/Abilene “At Night” left West Texas Christian radio airwaves following an emotional live farewell show Friday night, September 6. Host and producer Dustin Tatro spent the evening sharing messages received in advance and during the show both in person and phone from across North America filled with memories, favorite or funny moments, and most meaningfully, statements of how two years, two months, and one night of out of the box (and out of control) ministry has been the vehicle for the Lord changing many lives beyond point of all return.

The show remembered the victories: the complete healing of 6-year old Ayva Rose Daniels from exceedingly rare and deadly kidney cancer, multiple listeners overcoming the shame of vicious murder and sharing their testimonies, some live on the show, future generations impacted by the messages and hope found communicated only the best in rock music, and encouragement from Christian radio hosts nationwide. Several core listeners turned up at the studio in person and stood in solitude behind Dustin for the final several minutes of the show.

The broadcast is available in its entirety on the YouTube channel At Night with Dustin Tatro. Between final songs “Carry On Wayward Son” by Stryper and “Dear X, You Don’t Own Me,” Tatro gave a brief update on the future of #therockshow, read from Deuteronomy 31, and emotionally closed the 561st broadcast of KGNZ at Night with words taken from every night’s close, “Do not be afraid or discouraged. And there it is. Thank you for the past two years, two months, and one day – 561 broadcasts of At Night on KGNZ. And it’s been one amazing run. We’re closing in triumph. I’m Dustin Tatro, reminding you that you matter, you are loved, and you’ve been prayed for. So go out there, live out your call, be the love of Christ in a world that so desperately needs to know what that love is, and be the light that pierces darkness. I love you, and until next time, this is the rock show.”

The show departs KGNZ as At Night with Dustin Tatro (www.atnight.rocks), pursuing syndication opportunities currently under negotiation. Talks are underway with the regional full-power secular active rock station for a special Sunday night edition of the show. Tatro may be reached by email at dustin@atnight.rocks A relaunch date is expected to be announced later this fall.

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