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KGBI Community Care Day

What a day! 100.7 KGBI/Omaha invited its listening family to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a community still trying to recover from the 2019 historic flooding in Nebraska.

The KGBI Community Care Day for King Lake on Saturday was a partnership with Omaha Rapid Response, an international and local relief organization that’s been working to help the impoverished community come back from almost total devastation for the past year and a half. More than 150 volunteers worked in the small mostly off-the-grid area just outside the Omaha Metro. 19 homes were stocked with wood for the winter (many residents depend on wood for heating their homes), three roofs were replaced, flood debris was cleared from six properties and one garage was painted. And, according to Ken Gruber, president of Omaha Rapid Response, “Love, hope, and caring were displayed and given throughout the entire community.” He added that the number of volunteers was, “A very good turnout especially on a Huskers home game day!”

Pictured: Jeremy Tracey (left), KGBI Program Director/Morning Host and volunteer Alan Happs are all geared up to help people get to their worksites. 

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