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KFNW Moves Into New Facility

KFNW/Fargo (Life 97.9) moved into its brand new facility this week. The Northwestern Media station has broadcast from its previous location since the mid 70’s.

KFNW GM Doug Smith says, “It was starting to show its age. We were getting roof leaks that we couldn’t trace or fix and it just wasn’t built for radio of today. It was built before the age of computer automation and so we knew that we were going to have to move at some point.”

A real estate company made an offer on the building which was more than expected. Doug says, “We just saw that as a mark of divine providence that we didn’t have to have a fundraiser in order to do all these things. The purchase price alone was going to allow us to do what needed to be done.”

The first live show from the new building was this morning at 6am.

“I am crazy excited to get into that studio for the first time and go live. Whenever you tune into us we’re talking about that hope that is always going to be there no matter what’s going on. Even if you’re having a bad start to your morning you can tune into Life 97.9 and maybe turn your day around,” Life 97.9 Morning Show Host Allen Jones said.

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