KEEH Lilac Bloomsday Race

The annual Lilac Bloomsday Race is a 12k Fun Run and has been the largest road race in the world (up to 60,000 participants), but in more recent years, has had about 30,000 racers registered. For 20+ years KEEH/Spokane (Shine 104.9) makes efforts to have staff on-site at the race, playing CCM near the 3-mile marker.

GM Darin Patzer says, “This year we again borrowed a 50-foot lift. Add in a bullhorn for fun. Many joggers and walkers raise their hands with the praise music, and thank us for being there! We hand out bags and bags of candy, scripture tracts, wrist-bands, chapstick, decals …to the thousands of kids passing by.”

Pictured Patzer up high above the racers.

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