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KCBI Afternoon Host Shares Stories From Polish Border

KCBI/Dallas afternoon host Sonny Delfyette (Afternoons with Sonny) just returned with Texas Baptist Men from Baptist Refugee camps in Poland, gathering stories from refugees fleeing war-torn Ukraine to church shelters along the Polish border.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, KCBI’s PD Kelly Corday and KCBI’s Director of Donor Relations Bethany Lindsay immediately recognized the need to call KCBI listeners to prayer.  “Our listener likely woke up to a zillion ‘PRAY FOR UKRAINE’ graphics in her social feed,” said Kelly, KCBI’s Program Director.  “She’s asking, ‘What’s this all about? What do I do? How should I pray?’” 

Texas Baptist Men reached out, asking KCBI to partner in putting up a church shelter in West Ukraine for war refugees, providing food, water, clothing, blankets and Bibles.  Ten thousand dollars would finance one shelter. 

Due to the generosity of KCBI listeners, the radio station sent $40,000 to Texas Baptist Men to further its ministry to Ukrainian refugees fleeing through Lviv, West Ukraine, to the Polish border. 

“What I’ve seen is a perspective many don’t get to see,” said Sonny.  “The pain and fear are very real, but time and time again, one actuality after another, God is being glorified.”

KCBI is the only American media that has been present at the Baptist camps along the Polish border. Sonny Delfyette is available for interviews this week.  Contact Kelly Corday, (469) 801-7014 or kcorday@kcbi.org for more information.

“Sonny’s willingness to make his way to Poland to help tell the stories of how God is working because of prayer and provision from our listeners is courageous,” Kelly said. “We are grateful for his work and for our partnership with Texas Baptist Men.”

Watch Sonny’s video posts from Poland HERE.

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