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KBMQ To Flip To CCM Format

All Christmas Music Station  KBMQ/Monroe LA (88.7 The Cross) switches format to Contemporary Christian Music effective 12/26/16. The station will stunt with CCM music until 11/24/17.

General Manager Jeremiah Beck says, “We think this is a real opportunity to capture the people who are spiritually minded throughout the year. We will temporarily ‘flip’ to CCM starting the day after Christmas, and resume our normal programming of All Christmas Music on Thanksgiving afternoon 2017. I see this as a massive cume building opportunity. We are inviting our listeners to take the 332 Day Challenge! It’s a unique way to encourage them to try us for a short time, and hopefully they will stick around when we resume playing our normal music. I see this as a chance for God to reach people who would normally only think about Jesus when the holidays are over. This could become an annual promotion for us. We are waiting to see what happens! Pray!!”


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