KAXL “Hope is Not Cancelled”

The KAXL/Bakersfield (The Life FM) “Hope is Not Cancelled” campaign is showing up on street corners, yards, and businesses across Bakersfield. These blue signs (pictured) are an effort from 88.3 Life FM to put reminders of hope all over the community, even reaching the home of  Mayor Goh. For a suggested donation of $25 (to cover printing costs and delivery) Life FM will bring a sign directly to the home or business. While this promotion started small, the overwhelming response from community members took it to an unexpected level. In addition to over 500 signs around town, local business partners offered to include Hope is Not Cancelled cards on each of their deliveries. KAXL Program director Matt Pelishek says “everyone is facing their own unique set of challenges right now, and we wanted a way to  place reminders all over town that the one thing  that isn’t cancelled is hope”

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