KAXL Hope-Cast

Just a few days after California was put under ‘stay at home’ orders KAXL/Bakersfield (Life FM) decided to double down on our efforts to bring hope to the community. On March 22, just 3 days after the stay at home order went into place, Hope-Cast was launched. KAXL PD Matt Pelishek tells HisAir, “We are a small staff, and don’t have professional video equipment, but in those 3 days we created a make-shift studio, got a local video producer to donate some lights, and lined up local pastors to join us weekly for casual conversations about navigating the current conditions as believers.  It’s a simple format, a couple worship songs, followed by a conversation with the pastor, and it’s interactive; listeners can chime in with their questions.  We simply broadcast it live on our FB page & each one has brought in about 2,000 views. The feedback has been huge. There are families who have started making a point to sit down together to watch, and so many people thanking us for bringing something that gives hope they can both watch and participate in.”

Watch a broadcast HERE

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