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Kankelfritz Upped At FLR

Mike Kankelfritz has been officially promoted to chief broadcast engagement officer at Family Life Radio/Tucson (FLR). Kankelfritz is also the host of FLR’s Kankelfritz and Friends Morning Show.

For 7 years Mike Kankelfritz served as morning co-host on the KLOVE morning show.  Previously Mike was with KSBJ/Houston (2005-2011) and KXOJ/Tulsa. He joined EMF and the KLOVE Morning Show in 2011.

He joined Family Life Radio as PD and show host in January of 2018 and in November of 2021, he moved into an interim role as the chief broadcast engagement officer.

“Mike’s passion for Family Life Radio is evident, and the skill sets he brings to the workplace on a daily basis have blessed the ministry tremendously,” said Evan Carlson, president and ceo of FLR.

“It’s been an incredible journey at Family Life Radio. I’m thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to lead our team to create compelling content that foster’s the best possible listening experience, which in turn, will help people to live an intentional life in Christ,” said Kankelfritz.

Kankelfritz will continue to host FLR’s morning show as he transitions into his larger job scope. He officially started in this role on Monday, May 23, 2022.

Family Life Radio operates 41 stations in 11 states with an expanding worldwide online audience. 

One thought on “Kankelfritz Upped At FLR

  • No mention of MIke’s stellar stint as “Buster” on the morning show at 99.3FM at WJQK in West Michigan?


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