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Julia Taylor “Martial Musicians”

The steady beat of drums, the shrill blast of trumpets, the haunting tone of the bagpipes, were used throughout military history. Martial musicians were integral on the battlefield signaling the synchronized strategy of regiments, inspiring troops, and intimidating the enemy.

How strange it must have been to march on to the battlefield, not heavily outfitted with weaponry, but a flute? “You want me to go where? Carrying a what?”

How many times have you sat in front of a microphone feeling the gravity of that unknown but perfect thing you are supposed to say? There’s so much pressure to be comforting, informative, sensitive, realistic, and pragmatic to encourage people without sounding cliché. You know your friend on the other side of the microphone is hoping for the same thing you are, but you can’t seem to find the words that provide complete relief from the weight of the world you carry.

In a way, today is no different than yesterday and no different than tomorrow; she is still in the fight of her life. The only difference today, unlike the days before, is that around the world we are fighting on a similar front called COVID-19. This virus has not eliminated our other battles…divorce, job loss, financial stress, which can amount to a crisis of faith. Unmercifully, it has exacerbated some of these for many families, and most importantly for that one person you want to connect with in this moment.

A martial musician would not charge down the hill, drum bouncing behind him, waving a sword as the army followed. The martial musician stood his ground, serving in the capacity he was called.

From the time your show begins – your content, the music and your voice fosters the connection which creates an opportunity for you to inspire the troops. During the Civil War, after hearing the drums, a young private on the battlefield wrote that he felt like he could “take on an entire brigade himself.” Each day you have an opportunity to encourage, speak truth and fortify faith, especially on the days when the tank feels empty.

Your consistency, by not trying to be anyone other than who you were created to be, doing what you were called to do, reminds people to stand firm when they want to collapse. They feel less isolated in their struggles because they hear you on the same field of conflict. You have the opportunity to synchronize the church in attitude and approach during difficult times.

The enemy hears your honest reflections, your heart to search out the truth for both yourself and the listener, and he is shook. He hears the steady rhythm of your faith pounding underneath every volley fire he orders. You will have moments where you feel like your faith doesn’t beat very loud. That doesn’t matter, he is fully aware that God is still using you and that terrifies him. You weren’t purposed to lead the melee, you were purposed to stand witness to God’s power and to reflect that back to the listener. The horns blasted, the army shouted, but it was God who leveled the walls of Jericho.

Every day you speak into the mic, whether during national or personal tragedy, you are heralding the Victory on every battlefield. Find the evidence of God at work through His people, share the stories, share your heart. By doing so, you encourage yourself and release the pressure of having all the “right” things to say.

The you that has a clear view of the battlefield and sees the advancement of God is exactly the you that your friend was hoping to run into when they turned on the radio.


Julia Taylor, the radio personality, was built in large part by her experiences working for Northwestern-St. Paul (Life 101.9), Family Life Radio, KCBI and 88.7 the Cross over the past 12 years. Julia has also worked as a listener engagement director, and station manager. She is a voice tracker for 88.7 the Cross and a fundraising event host and coach for Dunham and Company.  

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