The JOY FM Tampa/Atlanta Hope for Justice

3-10-16joyThe JOY FM/Tampa/Atlanta morning show, The Morning Cruise hosted 284 runners at Gasparilla weekend and raised over $170,000 for Hope for Justice.  Now an officially recognized charitable group with Tampa’s Gasparilla Distance Classic Association, Team Freedom, fielded 284 listener-runners who participated in the iconic Gasparilla Distance Classic, February 20-21, running in support of Hope for Justice. Collectively, the group raised $172,000.16 to support the fight against human trafficking and ran in various races “for those not free to run. . .yet.”

This was the fifth year of the morning show effort, led by Carmen Brown¸who in 2012 established a partnership with Curb recording artist Natalie Grant, founder of Abolition International, (pictured) and formed Free To Run.

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