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Heart+Beats: Songs That Matter
Every week Record Promoter Josh Lauritch takes a look at 3 new CCM songs that caught his attention – The Heart – The Data – PD pick of the week!


Stephen Stanley “No Hopeless Soul” (Capitol/CMG)

The first time I heard Stephen’s voice on TikTok, I knew this dude was special. That app was incredible during the heat of the pandemic and countless millions of people found a voice as creators or got lost for hours scrolling the brilliance that can be found there. Stephen showcased his unique and powerful voice there in a way that was remarkable. I found myself watching and rewatching his performances many times. He was also so good, I had to share what he was doing with my friends. If you have not seen his content on there yet, go watch.

This song showcases his brilliant vocals and is an incredible soothing balm to anyone who is dealing with the weight and shame of sin. TO me, this song is a modern-day take on Psalm 51 where David cries out to the Lord to “create in me a pure heart”. This song gives me voice for how I’m feeling…mercy for the things I hide, relief from the attacks of shame…an erasing and undoing. Because of Jesus, that’s exactly what the Father has given us. Our account is paid in full! This song is a beautiful walk-through the gospel. If your radio station is out here to point people to the finish work of Jesus, it’s a must-play.


Maverick City Music “Promises” (Tribl Records)

They have become a top-10 streaming act in all of Christian music with more than 5 million total monthly listeners across all platforms right now. They have accomplished this as a fully-independent movement that started with a dream to make space for folk who would otherwise live in their own separate worlds. To break the unspoken rules that exist in the CCM and Gospel World! This movement brings the Kingdom together and millions of listeners cannot get enough of what they’re creating.

“Promises” is the number one streaming song and the number one church song of this movement thus far. It’s been streamed 35+ MILLION times to far on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora AND the live performance video has additionally been viewed more than 34 MILLION times. As of June 13, this song is #31 on Planning Center and will be sung by millions of people throughout the summer as churches gather again and the song continues to build.

This song might very well be the most-familiar and most-loved song that you are currently not playing on your radio station. The song reminds the listener that God is faithful to keep His word. He is the God who keeps His covenant. Though the earth may pass away, His word remains the same. We can trust Him! He has provided salvation through Jesus. Jesus is our anchor, our hope and firm foundation and He will never let us down.

Amanda Hildabrand, MD and Mornings at WCSG/Grand Rapids, MI

Blanca – Even At My Worst (Curb/Word) 

I admittedly didn’t make this song a priority when I first saw it on Play MPE.  I wish I had paid attention to it sooner.  It’s got a fresh/current sound that makes you lean in and ask “who is this”?  I don’t know the research on this song, but I know it’s one that just sounds and feels good.  When it comes to creating a playlist, that’s something I pay attention to – find the songs that are going grab the listener and keep them listening long enough to hear the message we’re trying share.

This song addresses loss, weakness and mistakes – things we all deal with.  Most of us often forget that in the midst of our mess-ups, secrets, and failures we are still loved by God, and nothing will separate us from that – even when we are at our worst.

Christian culture spends a lot of time highlighting how messed up we are.  The depravity of mankind is real.  “Even At My Worst” acknowledges that, but also gives hope because God’s grace covers every blemish, every secret, and every misstep.  We are not “less than” because we create problems for ourselves and others.  We are loved because of WHO God is, not because of WHAT we have done.  This song is clear in its message and easy to understand, even if the truth is sometimes hard to accept.  Maybe if we sing it enough, our brains and our hearts will start to believe it.

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