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Johnny Stone “The Value Of A Good Cry”

johnny-stone3First things first, to cry means there is a vulnerability. To not cry means a lack of sensitivity. The ability to cry or not cry goes into psychological theories that I am not equipped to address.

One thing I know, when watching a movie that is very touching, for instance, the first five minutes of the movie ‘Up”, if you don’t cry, you are a brick wall.

But it is a “good cry”. In that cry, there is joy as well as sadness- a common human touchstone.

This kind of a cry is a wonderful thing to experience as it cleanses, rejuvenates, and reinforces what we are as Christ followers.

Our format, Contemporary Christian Music, allows this vulnerability: to admit to mistakes that have been forgiven, anxiety that is lifted away; and relationships that are restored. As radio broadcasters, we are in a unique position to display the grace that God has given to us. This is a very human emotion and can lead to tears of joy, happiness and understanding; as well as sadness.

There is talk of Artificial Intelligence programming music (AI). The thinking is that AI can detect your mood and provide music to accompany it. What it can’t do is share emotions.

When you have a phone call from a listener that is crying over the grace that God has shown to her, there is no way that AI can do that. Maybe it can find the right song to play, but it simply cannot provide the spark that requests the song.

In addition, AI cannot reflect what is going on in our communities. AI can’t talk about or even acknowledge an event going on in our town, whether it’s snowing, raining or sunny and how that feels.

If you have a call with a good cry, maybe even one that you cry along with, this is a very human and very good thing. You always remember the person you cry with.

If one person loves what you are doing, they will tell one hundred people what you’re doing.

Let the tears flow.

Johnny Stone is a veteran air personality in markets like New York City Metro, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, San Diego among others. Johnny is host of the Christian Music show Looking Up To #1 and the country based Looking Up Country. After serving for almost 9 years at WAWZ/New York (STAR 99.1) as morning show host and Program Director, then on the air at Family Life Radio co-hosting afternoons with his wife Stacey, and afternoon personality ay WGTS/Wash DC…   Contact Johnny at johnny@stonestudiosllc.com

One thought on “Johnny Stone “The Value Of A Good Cry”

  • I just visited this article at the platform’s suggestion. I completely agree. And my agreement comes from experience.
    I moved in fits and starts for weeks following the death of my son, wavering on whether or not to risk sounding as if I were “fishing for sympathy” while sharing my true response to God, life, and everything around me. Then I did it. And it connected. I heard from one listener after another who was experiencing loss at some level.
    It’s still the most difficult thing to talk about, but I guarantee you the vulnerability and honesty about all of it speaks volumes beyond the words I actually utter.


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