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John Frost “Lessons From Ali”

john_frostLessons we can learn from Muhammad Ali

Paul McCartney, Bernie Sanders, Tiger Woods, Justin Bieber, Russell Wilson, Jenny McCarthy.

I reckon’ there’s not much of a common thread through these famous names. But within hours of hearing the news each tweeted out a tribute to Muhammad Ali. I counted 729,699 tweets about the man self-identified as “The Greatest”. My Google search stretched to almost eight million. I overheard conversations about The Champ while walking through the Los Angeles airport.
Interesting the words people used. Few even mentioned boxing. Remarkable. While the sport may have launched his fame, his persona made him bigger than boxing. (Consequently making boxing bigger than ever before).

What words would people use to describe your radio station? Would they simply describe the category which you are in by default; that Christian station? Would they describe just the ordinary tools you use (mix of music, deejays, contests, traffic and weather together)? Or would they describe your station as something special, more significant, and beyond the boundaries of the ordinary?

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

There was nothing ordinary about Muhammad Ali. That, my friends…..is why people are talking about him.

John is a partner in Goodratings Strategic Services, and has been a successful major market disc jockey and program director for such companies as CBS, Cap Cities, Westinghouse, Sandusky, Gannett, and Alliance during his 38 year broadcast career.  John joined Goodratings’ partner Alan Mason in 1999. Contact John  at john@goodratings.com

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