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John Frost “Being Worthy of Remembering; A Year End Reminder”


Have you ever met anyone that has their own statue?   Interesting thought, isn’t it?   


I’ve had the privilege of meeting several.   I met Ronald Reagan when he was running for president in the ’70’s.   In my baseball life I’ve met Stan Musial, Jack Buck, and Mike Schmidt.   


What makes someone so special that they are worthy of a statue?  


Is it talent?  Or personality?  Maybe just right place at the right time?   


Recently Bob Costas was inducted into the broadcasting wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  When you hear people talk about Bob today they refer to his sense of craftsmanship.  I knew Bob a few decades ago in St. Louis and people said the same about him then.  


“I’ve always been someone who was serious about the craft, so I would review my tapes, and even if it was a good broadcast….I can always pick up something, if it was a matter of timing or selection of words, where if I had just done it slightly different it could have been done just a little bit better.”  Bob Costas  


There is no music format in need of a craftsmen’s work as the Christian music format.  Why?  Because there is no format in which the “Why”, as Simon Sinek explains, is so crucial to its effectiveness.   And the only place you can explain your “Why” is between the songs.  And that’s the craft.   



“If I had to pick a word to describe that thing, it is ‘musical’.  Bob has a musician’s timing. He says the right words in the right voice right on the beat. Sure it helps that he’s freakishly dexterous with words. That’s his crazy gift. Once, long ago, I wrote down every word he said in a broadcast and then read it afterward as if it was a game story. It was remarkable. No word was out of place. Every sentence was complete and already edited.”  Joe Posnanski 


Are you looking for a New Year’s resolution?   


Here’s a suggestion;  Devote yourself to developing your craft.  Whether you’re an air talent, a program director, or a general manager that thinks you’re a program director, approach your work in the same way that Matthew West approaches a song, Andy Stanley approaches a weekend message, or Bob Costas approaches describing a game.  


Here’s the bottom line; if your show isn’t even being listened to in the hallways by the people most connected to your station’s “Why”, you’re not going to be worth remembering.  


John frost is a partner in Goodratings Strategic Services, and has been a successful major market disc jockey and program director for such companies as CBS, Cap Cities, Westinghouse, Sandusky, Gannett, and Alliance during his 38 year broadcast career. John joined Goodratings’ partner Alan Mason in 1999. Contact John at john@goodratings.com

2 thoughts on “John Frost “Being Worthy of Remembering; A Year End Reminder”

  • In 1999, John and Alan formed Goodratings Strategic Services as a resource for Christian ministries. Over the last twenty years John has been involved in the significant growth of Contemporary Christian radio, being a part of developing some of America s most successful Christian music stations including Z88.3 in Orlando, Salem s Fish stations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Portland, CRISTA s Spirit stations in Austin and Seattle, KLTY in Dallas, and KSBJ in Houston, as well as stations in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

  • John, it is programming that changes lives and helps create Christ-followers. Signal Development, Market Development, Pledge Development, and Gift Development are all important. But it is programming that changes lives and creates the P1 fans, who then become donors. I know that you have used tools like Perception Analyzer to help air personalities “perfect their craft.” Real-time data and feedback can be of help to even a great radio professional.


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