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Joe Hunter Celebrates 25 Years!

Joe Hunter, host of the “Cup ‘a Joe Morning Show” at the Sound of Life Radio Network, is celebrating his 25th anniversary with the station. The Sound of Life is a 12 frequency radio network spanning much of eastern New York.

Joe’s radio career began with a weekend position at an Oldies station WMAP/Monroe, NC. From there, he moved on to sales and announcing positions at first a Christian station WNOW/Charlotte, NC, and then a country station WGNA/Albany, NY.

After experience in a few music formats, Joe decided that his place was at a Christian station. He says, “I was convicted by God to get into Christian radio.”

In 1993, Joe began work at the Sound of Life as a weekend morning show host. Over the years at the station, his shifts changed. At one point, he did mornings Saturday through Wednesday. Currently, his morning shift is 5-10 AM on weekdays.

To Joe, 25 years doesn’t feel nearly that long. “I’ve learned so much in the last few years, I feel like I’m just starting sometimes. And then there are days I feel like our retired station vehicle.”

To celebrate, the Sound of Life General Manager Connie Van Kleeck surprised and presented Joe with an engraved commemorative clock at an April Steven Curtis Chapman concert. They also invited listeners to thank Joe by sending him messages of encouragement and congratulations. 

One listener wrote, “Congratulations Joe, you do such a great job. You always have a kind word, and you are quite a funny man. One can not possibly stay in a bad mood if they listen to your show. You always make me smile, even at 6:30 AM. Hope you are there many, many more years.”

Another wrote, “The Hudson Valley, surrounding areas, and anyone listening online are truly blessed to have a radio host such as yourself. The Christ-like love in your heart is clearly heard through your voice over the airwaves. You are as pleasant in person as you are on the air. It is a pleasure to know you both ways.”

Joe said that reading these notes made him feel “grateful, undeserving, glad for them, humbled.”

And how much longer does Joe Hunter expect to stay at the Sound of Life?

“Twenty years, tops.”