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The Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute, Inc. (CPCI) is the parent company of Way Truth Life Radio (WTLR) and we are hiring.  Founded in 1976, WTLR began broadcasting on January 1, 1978.  We are a State College, Pennsylvania based radio station with four (4) FM frequencies serving portions of 22 Central Pennsylvania counties and just under 1,000,000 souls.  We are expanding and pray that by May 2023, we will have two (2) additional full-power FM stations on the air.  We have plans for another two (2) stations for a total of eight (8) full-power and one translator by the end of 2024.  Our online streaming and mobile app allow our programming to reach around the world.  This allows wonderful Bible teaching, music, and encouragement to be heard by all who will tune in.

In addition to radio, we provide events that bring to our area the teachers, music artists, and the ministries our listeners are familiar with.

We have three (3) ministry needs and are willing to be creative in how we fill these needs.  For instance, we would consider any or all three positions as part-time employment or are willing to combine any two as a full-time position.  We are also open to discussing volunteer possibilities.  The open positions, in order of importance to the ministry are:

  1. Underwriting Representative
  2. Donor Development Coordinator
  3. Radio Host

Please contact Station Manager, Sam Dye, via email at sam@wtlr.org if you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities.

  1. Underwriting Representative: With a joyful spirit, the Underwriting Representative will cultivate relationships and solicit partnerships through our Ministry Partner Program (MPP). The MPP offers businesses, churches, Christian schools, and non-profit ministries various opportunities to support the Mission, Vision, and Values (collectively, the Mission) of CPCI and WTLR actively and publicly with financial contributions, donated goods, or services.  This person will also manage and maintain all Cost Sharing agreements with our on-air programming partners.  Specifically, the Underwriting Representative:
    • Holds a minimum of an Associate’s degree with a Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Has a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in media/advertising sales.
    • Has the ability to create thoughtful and persuasive written, oral, and presentation communications.
    • Has a relentless ability to follow up with Ministry Partners.
    • Has the ability and willingness to generate leads and cold calls when needed.
    • Has the proven ability to generate sales and meet income goals.
  2. Donor Development Coordinator: We seek an energetic person who will assist the Executive Director and Station Manager, as required, in growing ministry support in the areas of donor development and fundraising. This person will assist in implementing donor strategies in harmony with the Mission, Vision, and Values (collectively, the Mission) of CPCI and WTLR.  They will assist in building strategic relationships with existing donors and sponsors and identifying new donors.  Specifically, the Donor Development Coordinator:
    • Holds a minimum of an Associate’s degree with a Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Has a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in donor development.
    • Has tangible experience of having expanded and cultivated existing donor relationships over time.
    • Can roll with big ideas and manage fine details at the same time.
    • Loves the high-touch personal engagement central to effective fundraising.
    • Understands the culture of Central Pennsylvania and has demonstrated a willingness to work with the people of this area to see them know and grow in Jesus Christ.
  3. Radio Host: As a Radio Host of a federally licensed, non-commercial, non-profit, listener-supported, 24-hour radio station, this position is responsible for communicating and connecting with the audience across a wide range of demographics. The person in this role will create content and voice track material for assigned broadcasts to complement and enhance the ministry of Way Truth Life Radio.  This content is expected to encourage the listeners in their walk with Christ as well as be inviting to those without Christ.  Specifically, the Radio Host:
    • Holds a minimum of an Associate’s degree in Broadcast Communications with a Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Has a minimum of three (3) years’ medium radio market experience (any format) – Commercial or non-commercial Christian format is a plus.
    • Has on-air radio experience with excellent verbal and communication skills, ability to effectively communicate spiritual truths in a caring manner, ability to relate, engage, and encourage the target audience.
    • Has a grasp of Scripture, theology, and apologetics.
    • Possesses a positive and approachable attitude.

All positions require a born-again Christian with strong devotion to Jesus Christ and a passion to make Him known.

Mission: Way Truth Life Radio invites all listeners to Biblical salvation and Christ-centered living.

To apply for this job email your details to sam@wtlr.org

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