WGTS Evening Announcer

WGTS 91.9 Evening Show Host (Washington, D.C.)

If your passion is to serve with a team that puts each other and their community first, then WGTS 91.9 may have a spot for you.  We are currently seeking an evening announcer for the 7-midnight show.  We are looking for a show that is fully engaged with our listeners.  You’ll be surrounded by the resources and the people you need to succeed.  We’re looking for humble, engaging, and entertaining communicators to live life authentically on the air.    Washington, D.C. is a unique market that requires unique talent who understand how to reach everyone from the bus driver to the member of the Senate and everyone in between.

If your mission is to encourage everyone to take a step closer to Christ, then please apply today.


To apply for this job please visit workforcenow.adp.com.