Rhythm hymn and Praise Midday VT

Midday Voice-tracker for Gospel Radio Station that is Expanding! 


Hours: Voice-track 4 hours from 10AM-2PM, Monday-Saturday, 6 breaks per hour with 2 speed breaks/4 content breaks.


Content: Local weather update top/bottom of the hour, local content specific to Fort Wayne; content breaks specific to urban audience, as well as relating to a gospel audience.


Upload: Upload breaks by 9AM every weekday via File-Zila.


If you are interested in this position, please send a resume and demo to [email protected]


Rhythm and Praise is a sister station of the WBCL Radio Network and both are subsidiaries of Taylor University.  Rhythm hymn and Praise was created to serve the 40,000 plus people within the African American community in Fort Wayne and surrounding counties.  We’ve been live via stream and HD2 channel for three years and are moving to a terrestrial signal in July or August.

To apply for this job email your details to mo@fwrp.org