Moody Radio Director of Digital Content

Director of Digital Content

Moody Radio is looking for a TRUE CONTENT Innovator to lead our digital team.

  • This is a content-driving position. The person will need to be skilled in understanding audiences and their needs and how to reach them, digitally, with wise biblical, practical, relevant content. Must understand the evangelical landscape. Must be skilled in doctrine. AND, must be “ambidextrous” and astute as a content leader, be it audio, video, written, or social media content. This is a tall order.
  • This is an innovative position. We will be creating and re-engineering our efforts digitally ad infinitum. So, this person must have creative spunk, entrepreneurialism, take smart risks, have curiosity, and be competitive.
  • This is a leadership position. This person will work with each of our digital content players and teams and help strengthen their efforts. As such, not only must s/he be gifted in CONTENT and the MULTIMEDIA but also as a LEADER in helping you be you but you being a better you!
  • This is a collaborative and ministry-building position. Not only will this person lead our digital efforts for Moody Radio well, he or she must integrate well with Moody Radio and all of our efforts, but also with Moody Publishers, and Moody Bible Institute as a whole. Amazing opportunity — as rather than thinking in a silo — we’ll be thinking how the tide can/will rise for all.

For more information or to apply, please visit www.moodybible.org/careers .

To apply for this job please visit www.moodybible.org.

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