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Job Description

Love Jesus. Love People. Love Southern Gospel?

We’re growing the Joy FM team and looking for our next on-air talent!

Do you love sharing encouraging stories and building community? Do you love to serve others? Do you have a vibrant personality, broadcast skills and/or a good sense of humor?

Joy FM is seeking a full-time on-air personality for its Winston-Salem office to serve its broadcast communities.

If you love Christian ministry, people, and radio and are energized by radio and other mediums we’d like to hear from you!


This position impacts multiple local communities including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Statesville and others with multi-state coverage throughout North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia!


Critical success factors are:

+Strong communication & people skills;

+Adept planning and preparation skills;

+Strong organizational skills;

+Punctuality and dependability;

+Team first attitude;

+Ability to relate to listeners and donors

+Desire to work within the nonprofit world

+Desire to work in a fun and unique Christian ministry;

+Excuse-free work ethic.


A knowledge of or appreciation for Southern Gospel music is strongly preferred.

This position relies heavily on honest relationship building (people skills), income production (fundraising skills), organizational prowess (task and time-management skills) and the ability to grow within a modern and tech-savvy business (office + studio + technology skills), engagement (community skills), and team interaction (team building skills).


Joy FM’s On-Air Talent will:

+ Use his or her skills to share life on the radio through live and recorded breaks, promos as well as other mediums like podcasts and social media.

+ Possess the desire and ability to build strong relationships with listeners and donors

+ Create unique experiences that inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ;

The ideal candidate must be personable, organized, dependable, self-motivated, energetic (or dynamic) and detail oriented.

Persons who are attracted to Christian radio, radio production, podcasting, broadcast media, broadcast or radio performance, communications, non-profit work, Christian ministry (or have a unique gift for gab and the unique ability to make an emotional connection with others) should consider applying for this position.


Ideal candidates will possess the following:

Primary Skills:

+Gift for crafting or telling unique and personal stories on-air

+Knowledge or willingness to learn project management software;

+Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and/or Google Docs & Sheets;

+Ability & desire to build relationships with listeners and donors;

+Ability & desire to craft unique experiences that help others;

+Ability to work odd and/or long hours to achieve goals;

+Ability or willingness to fundraise on- or off-air.

+Ability and desire to attend events on behalf of station as needed;

+Willing & capable of learning new systems and technologies, as needed;

+Strong in his or her walk with Christ and eager to tie personal experiences into this unique role.


Additional skills:

+Ability & willingness to work annual Spring and Fall fundraising events as well as annual mini-fundraisers;

Some familiarity with Southern Gospel (SG) and/or Contemporary Christian (CCM) music and artists is beneficial, but not necessarily required for the right candidate.



The On-Air Talent (Personality):

+Reports to Joy FM’s General Manager;

+ Is responsible for developing fresh family-friendly topics and content daily;

+Must comply with established policies and procedures;

+Is responsible for representing Joy FM and its parent company Positive Alternative Radio well in all public and private engagements;

+Must be in agreement and compliance with the Positive Alternative Radio Mission and Vision statements as well as its Ways of Being. They are as follows:


+ MISSION: We will change the world by creating & delivering experiences that inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.

+ VISION: To be the standard by which all Christian Media is measured.

+ WAYS OF BEING: Be passionate / Be caring / Be the standard / Be allergic to quitting / Be flexible / Be winning / Be positive / Be learning / Be honest / Be creating the future



Physical Demands:

The incumbent may spend long periods of time sitting and/or standing using office equipment, telephones, radio equipment, and other technologies.

The incumbent will be required to drive long distances at times in a personal or company vehicle for events and company functions.

Sensory Demands:

The incumbent may spend long periods of time on the computer working on tasks which requires attention to detail and high levels of accuracy, and clear communication with team members.

Mental Demands:

The incumbent must effectively observe and communicate deadlines. This position, by nature, comes with a high degree of responsibility to serve the audience daily.

Interested applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and creative video to Joy FM at this link: https://joyfm.org/joy-fm-on-air-talent-search/

Visit joyfm.org for additional details.

Joy FM (WXRI) is owned and operated by Positive Alternative Radio, Inc. EOE.



Based on Skills & Experience

Type of Job

Full Time

Job Location

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103

Expiration Date

Until filled

Company Name

Joy FM

Employer Website


Company Description:


Who We Are: We are Joy FM | Real Music. Real Life.®

Joy FM is the premiere destination for Southern Gospel Music and Gospel-based ministry. We are heard on 32 stations in 6 states, including the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware, and Maryland!

People listen on one of the many radio stations in our network, online at joyfm.org, through multiple mobile apps and your smart devices.

Our Mission: “We will change the world by creating & delivering experiences that inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.”

Every business, church, and person must know their “mission” in life. It’s been said, “Mission is everything,” which is why Joy FM works tirelessly toward its purpose: the Mission.

The mission captures what we do. It helps us focus on those who are impacted by what we do. We want you to know that you are loved…but most of all, we want to inspire you to live passionately for Jesus Christ.

We live our mission through every song, word, and interaction. We are purposed to serve, passionate, and focused. Our music: relational, funny, inspiring, and thought provoking.

Everything we do at Joy FM is for you so that together, we can glorify Him. That’s our mission.


Equal Opportunity Employer


Contact Information

Contact: John Long

Address: 1414 Plaza Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Phone: 888-569-9974

Email: office@joyfm.org


Apply Online

Application Instructions

We’re growing the Joy FM team and looking for our next air talent!

Do you love sharing encouraging stories, building community, and do you love to serve others? If you have a vibrant personality and a good sense of humor, this may be the opportunity you’ve prayed about.

Instructions: Attach your short creative video along with your resume and cover letter below. Be sure to tell us why you would like to join the Joy FM team. Video length must be under 5 minutes.

To apply for this job please visit joyfm.org.

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