Food For The Poor Radio Manager/On-Air Fundraiser

Position Title:                     Radio Manager/On-Air Fundraiser

Department:                      Broadcast Media

Position Reports To:        Director of Media Marketing / Diana Corrales

Classification:                      Exempt

Job Level:                             Program Manager

Location:                           HYBRID


Overall Responsibility:  The position is responsible for development, strategic planning, and meeting budgets for assigned radio campaigns. While on a live radio campaign, exercises independent decisions and judgment to manage the radio campaign. Oversees strategic and production directives, quantitative analysis, goal setting, and on-air activities.  The On-Air Fundraiser sets the hourly goals and, if not met, adjusts as to how better to reach the goal. Subject matter expert on fundraising strategies targeting the Hispanic market in the USA.


  1. IN-STUDIO RADIO FUNDRAISERS (“DAY OF HOPE” CAMPAIGNS)- Participating in Approximately 50 radio campaigns per year throughout the country.
  • Responsibilities include originality and expertise in storytelling by using good content and your imagination to develop and relay compelling stories to raise funds.
  • Travel, manage and host 12-13 hour “radio-thons” throughout the country.
  • Responsible for decisions to set hourly fundraising goals and independently modify on-air campaign to successfully meet goals.
  • Responsible for leading the radio campaign which includes directing what stories are going to be told at each break. Deciding what audio is going to be used and advising the production director. Setting financial goals for each hour of the campaign. Analyzing those goals and making decisions to reach the goal.
  • Monitor campaign progress with real time reporting; call center, internet, Mobile Cause and #250.
  • Make test calls to Call Center.
  • Make thank you calls to donors confirming large gifts.
  • Point of contact for stations, partners, and fundraising opportunities through the department.
  • Listen and research radio stations prior to DOH.
  • Listen to competitive radiothons on Christian stations.
  • Pre-campaign interviews and pre-recorded sessions
  • Research sponsorship opportunities, matching gifts, previous donations/donors
  • Assist in providing information for new campaign Playbook, which includes, story content, photos, price points, audio, and video.
  • Review reports on previous campaigns.
  • Participate in conference calls before each campaign with each partner station.
  • Strategize campaigns for most effective fundraising with target audience.
  • Complete station evaluations after each campaign and presents report and recommendations to Director. Updates Director during and after each campaign.
  • Monitor and analyze campaign results.
  • Arrange for added value media time if campaign does not meet goal.
  • Participate in all telephone interviews as required.
  • Participate in planning itinerary, pre-trip conference call for participants, and leading mission trips with radio personalities.
  • Travel on audio production trips each year depending on the fundraising format.
  • Assist Projects Department in coordinating the communities and individuals who will be interviewed.
  • Lead interviews in the field with a focus on individual stories, statements of need, appeals for help, and ‘thank you’ s. Secures clean audio for on-air fundraising purposes and production of original and compelling radio spots.
  • Work with photography to complete write-ups on the stories targeted for on the air.
  • Evaluate campaign results in relation to revenue and expense goals and evaluate station evaluations after each campaign.
  • Negotiate media contracts.
  • Prepare fundraising budgets.
  • Approve incoming billing from vendors and partners.
  • Develop new relationships or affiliations at each station (church, festivals, conferences, business benefactors, etc.) for FFTP to expand its growth.
  • Speak onstage at FFTP sponsored events as needed.
  • Understand industry trends to proactively adapt to changing times, thereby maintaining partnerships, and developing new ones.
  • Attend events, conferences, festivals as necessary.
  • Provide recommendations to freshen up our Day of Hope; evaluate detailed and honest feedback from the stations and implement practical solutions.
  • Provide recommendations on how FFTP can solidify a stronger national presence in Christian radio.

Education and Experience

  • BA degree in Communications, Marketing or relevant field required.
  • At least ten years’ experience in marketing communications, advertising, and fundraising. Experience in the radio broadcast market and as an on-air fundraising host.


  • Fully Bilingual (English/Spanish) required.
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including relationship building.
  • Good planning and organizational skills.
  • Understanding of radio fundraising and marketing targeting Hispanic/Latino markets.
  • Knowledge of audio production.


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