FLR Morning Show Producer

JOB TITLE:             Morning Show Producer

DEPARTMENT:  Broadcast Engagement

FLSA STATUS:   Exempt – FT


SALARY RANGE:  $ TBD Competitive – Relocation Assistance

REPORTS TO:     Chief Broadcast Engagement Officer


POSITION SUMMARY:  The Morning Show Producer is responsible for helping curate show prep, run the board, help produce elements, and screen phone calls for the show.


  • Produces a listener-focused, Christ-centered morning show. Effectively communicate a personal relationship with Christ.
  • As a possible voice on the show that speaks with a voice that connects well with our target audience; demonstrates the ability to create memorable moments leading to listener connection.
  • Helps plan and drive strategy for creating a topical listener-focused show, with relatable content that connects with the audience.
  • Create show prep, bios, talking points/interview questions for air talent
  • Works with the Intentional Moments Producer to help record and engineer scheduled interviews.
  • Create a daily podcast of the morning show’s best-of material.
  • Accountable for record keeping of all IM asset usage


  • Performs administrative tasks including, but not limited to, keeping track of contest winners, and mailing out prizes to listeners.
  • Effectively and professionally represents FLC; maintains integrity and professional code of ethics required as a positive reflection of the ministry.



  • Proven ability to run a board for a fast-paced morning show.
  • Proficiency in working with Zetta, Adobe Audition, and Voxpro.
  • Proven stickler for the details that impact a morning show.
  • Proven ability to perform at a high level under pressure.
  • Responsible for planning, producing, and executing a daily broadcast; researches relevant topics; highlights and prepares material for hosts; screens and selects calls for listener interaction; supervises and facilitates both phone stations (IL Production Assistant & IL Screener) during IL live broadcasts; approves all re-broadcasts



  • Five (5) years of Broadcasting experience or related area
  • Five (5) years of experience producing/directing a radio program
  • Proven “stickler” for details that positively impact high-quality production.
  • Demonstrates a very high level of commitment to delivering compelling radio to the target listener.


  • Experience working in the non-profit and/or Christian radio broadcasting industry


  • Seek to be a role model in attitude, speech, and actions in a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ.
  • Integrate Biblical principles and a Christian worldview into all organizational objectives and goals.
  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Be committed to furthering Family Life Communications mission as a faith-based organization.
  • Agree to uphold Family Life Communications statement of faith.
  • Be willing to submit to and honor the standards outlined in the Employee Handbook and Ethical Positions Statement.
  • Faithfully attend and financially support a local church whose beliefs agree with Family Life Communications.

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