Family Stations Content Creator

Seeking a qualified Radio Broadcast Content Writer, Creator and Audio Drama Producer for Family Stations, a nonprofit Christian Broadcasting Ministry. This is a full-time, on-site position in Franklin, TN.


  • Create, write and revise stories and segment scripts for a variety of personalities, voices, occasions, podcasts and purposes — always with a view to Christianity. Good command of the English language and a deeper knowledge of scripture is required.
  • Audio editing and production including everything from raw voice editing to full “radio theater” production. Knowledge and skill in these areas (including software) are required.
  • Willing to learn new tasks as assigned: operating the live board during Support Drives, conducting phone and in-person interviews for our podcast series, DAW delivery and simple operations (we use Zetta and G-Selector).


  • A minimum of five years’ experience as a writer/producer in radio broadcasting. Able to create short-form, narrative scripts and full-scale audio productions for radio. You must have the ability to masterfully find and “retell” a great story in two minutes or less, to fit multiple narration styles.
  • Strong work ethic based on Biblical principles and scripture, as supported by your job references.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience working with audio editing mastering processes, particularly broadcast and podcast audio. This includes compression, limiting, normalization, master EQ.
  • Superior knowledge and experience utilizing audio editing/production processes, particularly broadcast, podcast and audio dramas. This includes undetectable fade techniques, pacing, audio cleanup, breath shortening, soundtrack and sound effects skills. broadcast drama creation.
  • Must be willing to work full-time, onsite at our studios in Franklin, TN. Work-from-home will be granted during office illness or inclement weather.


  • … are experienced in creating, writing, and conceptualizing (specifically for radio) heartfelt, emotional stories, crafting them into 1–2-minute segments.
  • … know how to create and present a great story (in very short audio form) with a hook, a “messy middle” and a heartfelt, biblically recognizable twist at the end. You also know the perfect Bible verse to tag your story, if needed.
  • … are a flexible writer, able to write for various radio personalities. You are also a flexible producer, able to create content that is “seamlessly complimentary” with Family Radio’s brand and sound.
  • … are passionate about finding the perfect music and sound effects if needed to accomplish the maximum desired effect. You do not like having to “slap a music bed” underneath your segments, but would rather create the perfect soundtrack.
  • … do not mind having your work scrutinized by your coworkers and supervisors as you strive together to create the best content possible.
  • …have a thorough knowledge of biblical Christian principles. You have a passion for scripture and enjoy incorporating biblical ideas into your content, while striving to avoid “Christianese” or condemnation in your messaging.
  • …are familiar with and have a great respect for Family Radio’s mission and overall sound. You are willing to strive to carry out the vision of your supervisor for Family Radio’s sound.
  • … have a passion for the preservation and broadcast of scripture verse, hymns (both old and modern), and solid Bible teachings
  • … have humility — willing to recognize that there is always more learn. You have a teachable spirit and are excited to learn new skills.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • 403B retirement plan.
  • Medical coverage
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holiday’s

About Our Company

Family Stations, Inc. (“Family Radio”) is a legacy Christian non-profit religious multi-media ministry based in Franklin, Tennessee with its primary purpose to proclaim the Bible, the Word of God. Our culture is a nurturing and welcoming family environment.

Family Stations Inc. is a 501c3 Charitable Organization and has a religious exemption that allows them to legally require a candidate for their open positions to sign a statement of faith.

If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact jobs@familyradio.org


To apply for this job email your details to jobs@familyradio.org