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Jennifer Bailey Interview

Jennifer Bailey
VP of Marketing and Community Connections
Tyler, TX


Career Capsule: My career has been varied and interesting. I ran my own small business for 12 years before getting in to politics and political fundraising and campaigning in Colorado. I spent a stint in DC working on The Hill before fleeing to Texas in 2012. I changed course completely once in Texas and found my niche working in ministry. I LOVE being a part of where God is at work in a big way.


Jennifer, tell us what’s new at KVNE & new with you etc… ?

KVNE is a part of Encouragement Media Group and we have been so busy since Jan 2020. We have launched a new Hispanic Christian Radio station- Fuzión as well as an English Bible teaching station-The Well. We also changed the format and name of KGLY to LIFT Worship. Each of these stations launched at the perfect time during the Covid 19 pandemic and aligned perfectly with our mission: We exist to glorify God by encouraging people, connecting our community and pointing people to Jesus Christ.


How has your job changed or shifted during the corona crisis?

Another significant aspect of my job and one of my favorites is the ministry partners we have. In large part we concentrate our promo efforts around the needs of our ministry partners. We get to highlight another nonprofit ministries in our listening area each month and feature them on our website, on promos and sweepers, do on air mentions, highlight them on social media and have our staff tour their organization and/or have them come to the studio to meet with our staff as well as do recorded interviews with them. It is such an honor to be a megaphone for other ministries doing amazing work in our community. As an example, we do a major promo which includes a diaper drive for the Pregnancy Resource Center we partner with. Last year we were so blessed with donations that we were able to share the love with other resources centers and agencies in need.

We have had to pivot many times over the last year and God has also been so gracious to us in many ways. We launched a concert series early in 2020 and after initially postponing a couple, we flexed and held 5 limited capacity, socially distanced awesome event that were so needed and encouraging to our community.


What are the 3 main ingredients to make a promotion successful?

The 3 main ingredients to a successful promotion-

Excellent communication with all staff!

Producing excellent promos

Community engagement through outreach events with on air staff, social media, website etc.


What is the best promotion advice you’ve been given? The worst?

The best promotion advice I have been given is to communicate well with the staff and help paint the picture of why this promotion is needed, important and who it benefits.

The worst- I don’t really know.  I suppose all advice can be good, even if it’s bad, because you’ll learn quicker what not to do. LOL


What is the one thing YOU must have to do your job every day?

The one thing I must have to do my job WELL every day is time with Jesus…then it’s too feel my ideas are heard/considered. They don’t have to be accepted but heard. I have the BEST boss ever and always feel heard which is why my job doesn’t feel like a job at all.


In your opinion what makes the ideal station promotion?

The best station promotion is one that fits all the aspects of our mission statement.


How do you measure the success of a great promotion?

We measure the success of each promotion by how many items were collected and how many lives were touched along the way from the donor to the recipient.

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