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Jack Eason “The Loneliness Solution”

Eason’s “The Loneliness Solution:Finding Real Connection in a Disconnected World”
addresses epidemic of loneliness prior to Covid-19 


“Loneliness is killing us and we don’t even realize it,” writes author and speaker Jack Eason on the topic of the growing loneliness epidemic. “Feeling alone at college is nothing new. Loneliness paired with technology which isolates us by design is a recipe for catastrophe. But now with closed schools, gathering spots, and the COVID-19 virus, it could become even worse.”


Melissa remembers when she arrived at NYU. From the heart of Tennessee, she felt out of place in the big city. The culture shock was overwhelming. Now, Melissa a junior who struggles to maintain her scholarship. Loneliness, and hints of depression, keep her locked away in her small one bedroom apartment. 


Her mother suggested they Facetime on Sunday evening. The taste of home grew into a solitary digital obsession. Her days were consumed with calls that ping-ponged from her mom, to her dad, to her sister. Her sleeless nights were prolonged by text chats with high school friends from home. She had no physical or emotional reserves left to put time and energy into people around her at school. 


According to a recent survey by the global health service company Cigna, the loneliest generation in the United States today is not the oldest Americans but the youngest, specifically young adults between 18 and 22 years old.


“Conversation does make a difference,” Jack Eason explains. “Communication with one another is one key to solving loneliness. Using our voices, inflections, facial expressions, and listening ears can all let people know that we care.”  The author has traveled the United States, and around the world, to consultant with nonprofit organizations. “Now with our gathering options being cut out, we have to still find ways to meaningfully connect.”


With the addition of COVID-19, Eason says people must be even more determined at making meaningful connections. He suggests actually having phone calls with friends (instead of texting or emailing) and having real conversation via Facetime or Skype.


Jack Eason is the President of The Heart Share Group, an organization dedicated to helping organizations reach their full potential through leadership development, brand development, and partnership development. Heart Share serves Christian radio through donor development strategies, fundraising initiatives (including on-air campaigns and major donor support), and creative partnerships. Contact Jack at jack@theheartsharegroup.com

His new book, out in October 2020 from Baker-Revell Publishing, has assembled stories and solutions filled with humor, drawing on the author’s own life experiences. For more info on “The Loneliness Solution”, talking to Jack about solutions for loneliness, and how to make connections amidst this pandemic, email jack@jackeason.com or call/text 864-621-4016.

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