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Jack Eason “Telling Your Story”

Every week, our Heart Share team is helping our ministry partners learn to tell their story. All of our clients have great stories; a lot of time the reason they aren’t seeing much fruit, or much buy-in, is because they aren’t effectively telling their story.


It’s easy to think everyone is in to your mission as much as you are. We like to think people are holding on with bated breath to hear our story. But the reality is they aren’t. They are busy. They have their own lives. And life is moving full steam ahead. If we think everyone is just waiting to hear our story, it causes us to be lazy and uncreative when it comes to telling our story. The strongest way for your brand to communicate to your audience is STORYTELLING.


How do you use stories?

Few non-profits know how to tell a good story. Your story will help pull people in from their busy lives and listen to what you are doing. If you can’t hold people’s attention AND invoke emotions, people will never GIVE financially to your cause.


56% of donors say a compelling story is what motivated them to support the mission.


What makes up a good story?



If your story doesn’t have a payoff, people won’t listen. The payoff needs to be the “win” your organization has had. Your organization doesn’t need to be the “winner;” the person your organization has helped needs to be viewed as the winner. Tell how the person’s life was changed. People relate to people.



People need to know the problem. Let your audience know it, but share it through the perspective of the people you are serving. Let them share it through their emotions and actions.



Keep the plot of your story simple and concise keeping in mind the destination to which you are headed. Make sure there is a constant theme from beginning to end. Share ONE thought. People can’t handle more than that.



So, what’s the point? Your story should answer that question. There needs to be a resolution of the problem you have mentioned. Don’t make it about your organization, but the person whom you have helped; their story is the payoff.


If any of our Heart Share team can help you effectively tell your story, reach out to us. Send me an email, jack@theheartsharegroup.com. The first 5 people to send me an email and let me know they saw this article will get 25% off a Ministry Health Check for your organization.

Jack Eason is the President of The Heart Share Group, an organization dedicated to helping organizations reach their full potential through leadership development, brand development, and partnership development. Heart Share serves Christian radio through donor development strategies, fundraising initiatives (including on-air campaigns and major donor support), and creative partnerships. Contact Jack at jack@theheartsharegroup.com… 

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