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Intercept Music Partners with Ingrooves Music Group

Intercept Music announced it has partnered with Ingrooves Music Group to deliver global distribution for Intercept Music and their clients. Intercept Music is a marketing platform that empowers independent artists to automatically distribute and market their own music online.

“To offer our artists the greatest exposure for their music, whether in the states or worldwide, it is vital to align ourselves with highly qualified people delivering the highest quality product and results,” said Intercept Music Chairman Ralph Tashjian. “With their years of experience and proven track record, it is the greatest honor to partner with Ingrooves for global distribution.

Ingrooves’ distribution offers delivery to more than 600 music retail services and storefronts, in more than 200 territories worldwide. It supplies music to leading streaming music providers including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music. Ingrooves counts among its clients many of the world’s leading independent music labels and Universal Music Group, the largest music company in the world. In addition to distribution, Ingrooves offers Intercept Music clients transparent sales data reporting, with customized sales analytics and end-to-end royalty processing.

“Even in a machine-driven process like digital distribution, qualities like reputation and reliability matter,” noted Intercept Music CEO Tod Turner. “Ingrooves has the highest levels of quality control in the business, plus strong, personal relationships with the world’s leading streaming sources – so our artists can post their music, and start earning revenue, as quickly as possible.”

Intercept Music was created in 2018 by music industry vet Ralph Tashjian and Tod Turner, a technologies investor, entrepreneur and software engineer. Intercept and Ingrooves together provide a comprehensive solution for artists to grow their brands and get their music noticed in the crowded streaming and digital music marketplace.

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