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Industry News Bits Wed 9-29-21

Salem Media Group announced today that following a 34-year relationship with Salem, Russ Hauth will retire October 22, 2021. In his time with Salem, Russ served as SVP, heading up National News and Public Affairs. He also served for many years as Executive Director of the National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee and was Salem’s chief negotiator on music licensing related issues. In more recent years Russ has directed Salem’s Office of Government Relations.
Minneapolis General Manager Nic Anderson will take on Government Relations duties in addition to his continuing role as GM

NGEN/Houston morning show host Marcus Sullivan is back with his second hit song “Never Going Back”. During the 2020 pandemic the morning radio host created “Shift The Culture” featuring some of Christian Hip Hop’s biggest names together on the track.
Marcus tells HisAir, “I’ve never claimed to be an artist but, when I created that song during the pandemic I noticed that all the entertainment platforms NFL, NBA, film industry, TV news industry were all joining together to encourage people to be safe. Every industry except mainstream hip-hop. I figured they wouldn’t do anything encouraging as a collective group because of the day-to-day messaging  such as violence, drugs and drama that it promotes. So, it was time out for that and time to “Shift The Culture”. I never thought the song would take off like it did.” 

Hear “Shift The Culture” HERE

And the new song “Never Going Back” from Marcus once again combines artists that wouldn’t normally feature together on the same track. “Now that we have shifted the culture, this song is for anyone that has ever gone through anything such as addictions, trauma , toxic relationships, self-doubt etc and vows to never go back. check it out HERE

Butler Music Group and Family Music Group announce the addition of Amber Butler and Isaac Hughes to their team. Amber Butler will be the Director of Marketing and Isaac Hughes will be the Manager of Radio Programming.

Congratulations to Karen Peck Gooch on her induction into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge.

Remember these stations having fundraisers this week.. WCQR/Gray.. The Light FM/Charlotte.. KGBI/Omaha.. Family Radio.. KNWS/Waterloo.. WPOZ/Orlando.. WGTS/Wash DC.. RadioU/Columbus.. Sound of Life/Lake Katrine, NY 

Fred Young celebrates 6 years at WPHN/Gaylord, MI

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