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Industry News Bits Wed 8-25-21

Brant Hansen was recently a guest speaker at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, considered the fourth-largest church in America, and spoke from his book, “Unoffendable”.

“I love that we’re now on WJIE in Louisville, too,” Brant said. “It was wonderful to get to speak to 20,000+ churchgoers in their listening area. We want to connect in as many ways as we can.”

The Brant Hansen Show is drawing new listeners to more than 200 stations nationwide. If you would like to see what Brant can bring to your station, email Paul Tipton at paul@smartradiosuite.com










i58:10 Media and the SHINE.FM Radio Network are thankful and excited to share the overwhelming response to their recent “Days of Safety” fundraising event. This two-day on-air event was dedicated to rescuing girls, some as young as just 8-years, trapped in the Red-Light Districts of Mumbai, India. Through the ministry of India Partners, listeners to SHINE.FM were able to provide rescue and care for 30 girls!

“Human trafficking is something we don’t like to talk about, especially on-air,” shares Brian McIntyre, Ministry Director at SHINE.FM. “But i58:10 Media does an amazing job of communicating this issue safely and effectively. God moved in the hearts of our listeners in a mighty way that shows they care deeply about this issue. All they need is an opportunity to do something about it.”

“In addition to providing an opportunity for listeners to get involved in ending what is modern-day slavery, these events can provide another revenue stream for Christian stations of all formats,” says David Harms from i58:10 Media. “We are always looking for station partners who want to strengthen their ministry, both with a compelling on-air
event and financially.”

Stations that would like more information about hosting an event can reach out to Brian Meza at i58:10 Media via phone at 832-314-4517, or brian@i5810media.com.

Vidare Creative announced today a partnership agreement with fundraising Coach John Brock beginning on September 1, 2021.

“Vidare’s Fundraising 365 business model requires a world class team to serve our clients and Coach John Brock is an ideal addition to our roster. He is not only an incredible fundraising coach, he genuinely loves serving and encouraging people”, said Paul Goldsmith, Chief Business Officer for Vidare.

“Now that I have retired as a local Pastor, this partnership makes sense for so many reasons. I’ve had such a long friendship and fundraising history with Dave Kirby and Bill Scott and deeply respect Paul Goldsmith in the years we have served together, so that when they asked me to go all in with Vidare, it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was exactly where God wanted me to be.” stated Coach Brock.

For more information, visit VidareCreative.com.

Strong relationships with major donors are vital to the health of any not-for-profit organization or ministry. But there are common mistakes that could be holding you back from a deeper connection with your major donors—and putting your strategy at risk. Mistake #1: You don’t really know the heart of your donor and how it aligns to your mission.

We all know that relationship is key to major donor development. That means making it a priority to get to know your donors, engaging them in conversation about who they are and how they want to make an impact…

Read the Dunham+Company blog HERE.

Salem Radio Network host Larry Elder has become a front runner in the California Governor race according to a story on the NY Times.

Read the story HERE.

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