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Industry News Bits Wed 8-11-21

Its Day 3 for the July Nielsen PPM releasing this week. Markets include KC, Las Vegas, and more subscribing stations in each market. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company on HisAir.

Wendy Bucceri is now the Operations Manager at Renaissance Communications.

At KSWP/Lufkin programming assistant Sarina Dowlearn is promoted to full-time Community Engagement Director. Also starting this weekend sister station KAVX/Lufkin (91.9) is adding worship show “Enter His Gates” hosted by Tim McDermott to Sundays from 6a-noon.

FEMA and the FCC will conduct a National EAS Test at 2:20 p.m. ET, the first in two years. The test will be the sixth test of the nationwide public alert and warning systems and has been planned since June 2020.

In addition, a test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system will be done simultaneously to see if a message gets to mobile phones that opt-in to receive alerts. The test message sent to the WEA infrastructure will only be received by specially configured phones and will read: “This is a test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

Some good news. According to Nielsen’s newest iteration of the Audio Today Report (released today), radio listening is at its highest levels in 16 months. Radio remains America’s top weekly reach medium, and an essential part of the daily media diet for millions. In fact, radio consumers are leading the way in resuming weekly activities at pre-pandemic levels. According to the Nielsen report, those consumers plan to spend across multiple categories, including major purchases, everyday items, travel and dining. This presents a great opportunity for advertisers and marketers to connect with these listeners.

Despite recent developments around the pandemic, the report generally details the still mostly dominant tide of optimism that headlines the American experience as we continue to grapple with the disruption caused by the COVID-19  pandemic.

Here are some notable insights from the report:

Audio Listening 

  • Increased audio use is being driven by increasing levels of mobility and traffic on our roadways. Among the employed, two thirds are now working outside the home, up to more than 70% since the height of lock down in the spring of 2020.
  • Radio specializes in reaching customers while they’re out and about in the marketplace and closest to the point of purchase, and Nielsen’s radio audience trends reveal how listening away-from-home is shifting back towards time in the car. In fact, in June 2021 40% of heavy radio listeners listen in the car, compared to 28% in April 2020.
  • Radio Listeners are active and mobile and are more likely to shop for groceries in a store, (87%) drive in their vehicle (83%), or get together in person with friends and family than the average adult (62%).

Podcast Listening 

  • The pandemic and our recovery from it has inspired millions of new listeners to begin sampling podcasts, particularly from home, where the ever-growing number of smart speakers make it even easier to listen, with 50% of podcast listeners listening from home.
  • Podcast consumption is also on the rise, representing a new audio marketing opportunity which complements radio’s legacy as both the leading overall reach platform among all media and the top way American consumers get their audio today.
  • The past 18 months have proven the resiliency of podcasts, despite the major life changes brought about by COVID-19. According to Nielsen’s Podcast Buying Power Service, the national podcast audience is growing again. New podcast listeners are light listeners (49%) providing a great opportunity for advertisers and marketers to reach this audience.

Coming up on the next edition of the Gospel Greats featured artist will be Legacy Five, debuting their new radio single and celebrating some of their big hits over the past year. Plus, the spotlight visit with Ricky Atkinson and Compassion.

Last week it was announced The Dunham Podcast is expanding and turning into two new podcasts. The launch of Cause+Effect, a podcast brought to you by the Dunham Podcast Network, that exists to be a fresh voice that breaks down the latest fundraising trends, leadership lessons and the ups and down of the nonprofit industry.

Host, Trent Dunham, will talk to a variety of guests with effective strategies and stories that will inspire. . The goal? Increased effectiveness for more impact. The first episode releases tomorrow.

GMA Dove Awards nominees were announced today. Go HERE for list.

Chad Kelley celebrates 15 years at KWVE/Santa Ana

Prayer List:
Wade Schoenemann
Andrea Kleid (sister)

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