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Industry News Bits WED 6-28-23

Nielsen AQH Share for Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid – MAY 23

WKDD HD2/Akron – 1.0
WJNI/Charleston – 3.7
WSPO/Charleston – 1.4
WHKF HD2/Harrisburg – 0.2
KCRO/Omaha – 0.5
KGOR/Omaha – 0.3

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WHIF/Palatka (Hope FM) afternoon host Rachel Rinehart has been hired for the APD/On air position at KKJM/St Cloud (Spirit 92.9). Rachel joined WHIF in Aug 2020 as Production Director air talent.  

Rachel Says, “I have loved my time in Florida and will dearly miss so many incredible people here. For the past 3 years Palatka has been my home, and I’m so glad that it was. I’ll be moving in late July, so let me take the time now to say: thank you.”
Prior to joining WHIF she was Music Director, Production Director and Office Assistant at WNZR/Mt Vernon and  studied at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU)

For the third year in row, Family Life Radio/Tucson (FLR) has been certified as a Best Christian Workplace. In order to receive the recognition as a certified Best Christian Workplace, employees take an anonymous survey where they are able to rate and share how they feel about their work environment at FLR. The survey included questions about the demonstration of Christian values, effectiveness of supervision, chances for personal growth and advancement and collaboration within teams.

“The survey results show the Family Life Radio team is not only committed to helping spread the message of hope in Christ, but they feel empowered to do so in their respective roles and have the support and resources they need,” said Evan Carlson, President and Chief Executive Officer for FLR.

FLR is one of 110 non-profits and one of only four media broadcasting companies to be certified as a Best Christian Workplaces so far this year.

“We believe that Christian-led organizations with healthy cultures not only offer a great place to work but maximize their mission impact and reflect Christ to the world. Being certified as a ‘Best Christian Workplace’ is based exclusively on employee feedback received on Best Christian Workplace’s researched and validated engagement survey. We are thrilled that Family Life Radio has received our certification and we honor them for their dedication to creating a healthy, God-honoring workplace culture,” Jay Bransford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Best Christian Workplaces.

New Job Alert: With WHIF/Palatka afternoon host Rachel Rinehart headed to KKJM/St Cloud, WHIF GM Robin Robinson needs a replacement. If interested go HERE.

Friday June 30th is Social Media Day, a day created as a way of recognizing the impact that social media has had on communications around the world.

Travis Thomsen 2 years at WayFM/Colorado Springs
Dave Cruse 17 years at The JOY FM
Briana Barrera 4 years at Salem Media
Mike Powers 3 years at WFCM/Nashville
Worship 24/7 celebrates 4 years

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