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Fundraisers this week .. WGTS/Wash DC .. WAYR/Brunswick, GA .. 

WKNZ/Dover (The Bridge) with its additional stations WNKZ, 92.5 FM, Salisbury, MD and WNJH, 105.5 FM Cape May Courthouse, NJ) hosted 150 pastors and their spouses for the first-ever Recharge conference recently.

The event was held at United Church, Milford campus, and featured author and speaker Jimmy Dodd, founder and executive director of PastorServe.org in Kansas City.  Dodd acknowledged the past two years have been very difficult for pastors and churches because of the pandemic, and he related ways to help them not just survive, but to thrive.

The mission of The Bridge is to connect people to Jesus and each other and strengthen their lives, and helping pastors is part of why The Bridge exists, according to station manager Bill Sammons.  “Too often, nobody is helping take care of the caregivers, and we wanted to provide an environment where pastors and their spouses could relax, enjoy some food, worship and encouragement, and just take a deep breath”, Sammons said.

The event was capped off with a surprise performance by Red Street Records artist Jason Crabb.

Pictured is Red Street Records artist Jason Crabb on stage at Recharge. Photo credit to United Church.












Michele Tafoya (Photo: Business Wire)Salem Media Group announced today that Salem Podcast Network has signed former NBC Sideline Reporter Michele Tafoya to host a new podcast called “Sideline Sanity”. The podcast, which will air four episodes a week beginning Monday, May 23rd, will focus on life, politics, and world news.

“I’m thrilled to launch my first podcast with the Salem Podcast Network,” Michele said. “It’s exciting to join the chorus of talented Salem voices discussing the historic issues facing America and the world.”

The Salem Podcast network launched in January 2021 and is already ranked as the 11th most listened to podcast network on the Triton Digital platform, with 17 million average downloads per month.

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Nielsen released the third installment of its Podcasting Today report. The latest edition highlights the significant growth in podcast audiences and content, and how brands and advertisers can utilize the medium to amplify reach and ROI.

Podcasting Today revealed that the number of podcast titles and episodes have increased by nearly 200% each over the last two years (2 million and 92 million, respectively), and over 50% of daily podcast consumers listen more often and to more titles, adding to the potential of increased audience reach. The report also found that podcast listeners are more likely to plan a major purchase within 12 months—such as new technology, home entertainment, or a vehicle—and 88% of these consumers are willing to consider a new brand, making podcast advertisements a useful tool for marketers looking to drive upper-funnel engagement.

Nielsen Podcast Ad Effectiveness insights found that podcast ads drive an aided brand recall rate of 71%, while 56% of podcast listeners say they pay more attention to ads read by the host(s).

“Nielsen’s unique suite of podcasting solutions enable brands and marketers to understand the behaviors of podcast listeners, which leads to reaching the right consumers and driving ROI,” said Arica McKinnon, VP, Brand Impact Solutions, Nielsen. “The Podcasting Today report reveals the massive growth observed in podcast consumers and content, and the impact Nielsen’s podcasting solutions could have on brand awareness, audience reach, and overall engagement.”

With the Podcasting Today report identifying a 40% increase in podcasting’s listener base since 2018, the medium has become an effective way to reach new and existing consumers, and marketers are taking note. Nielsen’s 2022 Annual Marketing Report found that 56% of marketers in North America plan to increase their podcast spending over the next year, and 15% of marketers plan to increase their podcast spending by 50% or more in the same timeframe.

Using the Nielsen data and solutions that underpin this edition of Podcasting Today, marketers can gain in-depth knowledge into various brand performance and listener engagement metrics. Armed with these insights, marketers will be better geared toward meeting their individual KPIs while simultaneously understanding the returns of their efforts.

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