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Industry News Bits Tue 7-13-21

Bryan Fischer’s Focal Point show on American Family Radio has been canceled, effective immediately. Bryan Fischer aired weekdays 1-2 PM CST.

American Family Association President Tim Wildmon issued the statement, “American Family Radio will no longer air Focal Point with Bryan Fischer. Bryan has been on the air since 2009 and has provided excellent content and commentary for our listeners. We want to thank Bryan and his wife Debbie for their faithful service and we wish them well in the years ahead.”
AFR posted this on FB… – “Folks, I know many of you are frustrated and miss Bryan, but AFR does not discuss internal personnel decisions. That policy leaves us at a bit of a disadvantage, because it gives people opportunity to gossip and slander. I assure you, however, that we have not gone liberal or compromised our Christian values. Thank you for listening to AFR and please continue to pray for us.”

SRN show host Larry Elder announced on Monday he has entered California’s Sept. 14 recall election, trying to oust first-term Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. This is Larry Elder’s first bid for public office; he stepped down Monday evening as host of his nationally-syndicated talk show on the Salem Radio Network, parent company of SRN News.  The California recall election is set for September 14th, and Elder faces a number of other GOP challengers including businessman John Cox and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner.

“I know it’s a long shot,” he added, referring to Newsom’s ability to raise unlimited funds. But he said he was driven by a “fire in the belly to see if I can do something … to move the needle in the right direction.”

In a recall election, voters will be asked two questions: First, should Newsom be removed? And then, who should replace him? Voters will choose from a list of registered replacement candidates. However, the second votes only count if a majority votes yes on the first question.

Candidates have until July 16 to file papers to declare their candidacy. With dozens of candidates expected, it’s possible that a winner could top the field with as little as 20% or 30% of the vote. Republicans believe Elder’s presence in the race will help drive up support for the critical first question on the ballot.

*UPDATE – Salem Radio Network says that WORL,/Orlando (AM 950 The Answer) host Carl Jackson will host Elder’s show during the campaign.

The “Greatest Night in Gospel Music” the 36th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards, took place this past Saturday July 10th in Nashville at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, with live performances by Jonathan McReynolds, JJ Hairston, Pastor Mike, Jr., Maverick City Music, the Clark Sisters. Winners include “Station of the Year:”

Major Market: WOKB/Orlando
Large Market: WHAL/Memphis
Small Market: WIMG/Trenton
Internet station: uGospel.com
Announcer of the Year: Dr Sctonda Kelly Gordon WNRR/Augusta, SC

Complete winner list HERE.

The 36th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards with hosts Jekalyn Carr and Tye Tribbett, will air on BET Sunday, August 1st, at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT.

KSBJ/Houston Community Relations director Suzanne Honeycutt joins God’s Pit Crew as Director of Public and Media Relations. She’ll continue working with KSBJ as a contract writer.

Vidare Creative’s “Fundraising 21” takes place next week, July 21-22 in Franklin, TN. Speakers include Alan Mason, Lori Lewis, and more. Music will be provided by Fair Trade Services artists. For the full schedule go HERE.

A new conservative talk station will launch July 19th on the KLJY/St Louis (99.1 Joy FM) HD2 channel. NewsTalkSTL will be operated by well known St Louis talk veterans Jeff Allen (KFTK) and Joe Rusch.

Numbers from the June Nielsen PPM roll out starting TODAY 7/13 for Christian Radio. All subscribing stations results will be posted this afternoon and through the end of this week. Christian Radio PPM Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company on HisAir. Latest PPM numbers are HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Industry News Bits Tue 7-13-21

  • I no longer listen to AFR since they canned Bryan Fischer Focal Point. Tim Wilemon stated on FB they didn’t discuss internal personnel decisions with the public, and wished Bryan all the best. Well I heard Bryan’s last show, and he mentioned nothing about leaving AFR. Im sure he was as surprised as I was, when the nexted day he was just gone. This happened suddenly, so I know they fired him for who knows what reason. Tim Wilemon’s son or grandson took Bryan’s place out of the blue, so im sure it was a family thing. This was wrong, and listening to walker Wilemon is like listening to my dog, he is so boring. I think AFR has went partially woke. So if there are any more son’s grandsons whatever in the family that wants to be on the air, the other host better watch out, they will be next.

    • I agree about Walker Wildmon. Once I realized Brian Fisher was gone and who replaced him, I never bothered to listen during that time slot again. I hate to think that AFR would do such a thing, but there is no other reason that I can see. I’m still listening to other programs on AFR but I sure do miss Bryan


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